What better way to spend an afternoon than watching and... with your mates? Whether you’re a guy or a girl...

What better way to spend an afternoon than watching and doing some crazy sporting stunts
with your mates? Whether you’re a guy or a girl with a skateboard or a BMX bike, extreme
sports comps are always guaranteed crazy fun.
Skate park
Judging panel
Obviously you’re going to need access
to a skate park for an extreme sports
competition. Your local council will have
a list of all the local skate parks available
to use, but if there aren’t any in your area,
check out www.skateboard.com.au for a
guide to parks all over Australia.
Judging panel
If you know any local, experienced skaters
or riders in the area who aren’t going to
compete, ask them to be on the judging
panel. If they’re well known or ubertalented, get them to start the day with
some demos. If you’re having a hard time
finding some judges (or competitors for that
matter), approach your nearest skate shop.
They’ll more than likely know some people
in the area who would be interested in the
comp, and you might even be able to grab a
few prize donations from them as well!
Some good ideas for prizes for extreme
sports comp winners are trophies,
subscriptions to magazines such as 2020
and SLAM, new gear such as decks, trucks,
wheels and helmets, and vouchers for sports
More inf
.com.au St. John
’s First A
call 1300 hn.org.au, or
360 455
Other things to consider:
• Food – Rotary, Lions and the Rural
Fire Service are always willing to pull
out the BBQ if need be, so give them
a call if you’re looking for someone to
run a sausage sizzle. At the very least,
make sure cold drinks are available
(especially water).
Security – to patrol the area, keeping
an eye out for drug or alcohol use.
Entertainment – think about getting
a DJ or some demo riders (or both)
to make the whole event a bit more
entertaining for everyone. You’ll also
need a mic or megaphone to make
announcements and keep the crowd
excited. Don’t forget that sound
systems need a power outlet.
Promotion and registration – make sure
everyone knows about the event! Are
you going to allow people to just turn
up on the day, sign a waiver (which will
have to be signed by parents for under
18s) and compete, or do you want them
to pre-register so you’ll have an idea of
Safety equipment – you’re going to
need a First Aid station set up in case
there’s a stack. You can always ask
St John’s to attend your event. Don’t
worry, it’s free, but remember to book
them at least 6 weeks beforehand.
Some talented
people ready to
show off their
Insurance is deadly serious for events like
this where people can get seriously hurt.
This also makes insurance a lot harder to
get – a lot of insurance companies won’t
go near extreme sports comps with a 10foot clown-pole because of the high risk of
injury. If you can get your insurance through
an organisation or business that already has
its own insurance (like a council), it can
make it both easier and cheaper. Insurance
in conjunction with an organisation usually
starts around the $250-300 mark, but will
change depending on the company.
l need:
The vital ingredient! Remember to put
contact info on all of your promo stuff so
people can get in touch with you if they’re
interested or have any questions. You’ll also
want to include details such as what ages
are allowed to compete. Also, think about
splitting your comp up into age groups;
a 12-year-old and a 20-year-old will have
different levels of experience.