Online Unit Registration Guidelines 1. 2.

Online Unit Registration Guidelines
1. Visit Maseno University Website at
2. Click on Students link
3. On the page displayed, click on student portal
4. Enter your Admission number and ID number(or Admission Numbers) as
5. Click on Units registration link.
6. Choose your degree programme as shown below
7. choose your stage of study
8. Check the units you wish to register.
9. Click on the button labelled "Register Unit(s)" and then submit the units by clicking
the button labeled "Submit Units"
10. All successfully registered units should be listed under the section labelled
"REGISTERED UNITS" as shown below
Any student experiencing problems using ID number as password should use
admission number, else visit System Administrator's office for assistance.
Admission Number should be typed in the format **/0****/*** e.g.
ED/00001/014 and not ED/00001/2014.
All students to update their profile by clicking the link Personal Information
No student will be issued with an examination card until they register for Units.