Presented by: Sam Campisi, Business Relationship Manager, OECM – Sales, Chase Paymentech

Presented by:
Sam Campisi, Business Relationship Manager, OECM
Bruce Averill, Account Executive – Sales, Chase Paymentech
Kevin Brock, National Sales Director – Sales, Chase Paymentech
Today you will learn about:
 OECM’s project objectives
 The procurement process
 Our supplier, Chase Paymentech
 The products and services available
 The benefits of using Chase Paymentech
 How to sign up
You will have the opportunity to:
 Ask questions
 Find out where to get more information
 Receive a copy of the presentation deck
To develop and implement a payment transaction service offering, which
provides the educational and Broader Public sectors with the best overall
value by;
 Reducing Service Fees
 Standardized agreement
 Improving Reporting capabilities
 Assisting compliance to Security standards (DSS)
 Easy integration of payment applications
 Providing the advantage of collaborative purchasing
 Improving Point of Sale (POS) equipment rental costs
 Engage a reputable supplier
 skills, experience and tools to support easy payment processes
 Improving payment processes.
Compliance with the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive.
Working Group (WG)
Procurement strategy
Evaluation methodology
Award structure for this RFP
Evaluation committee submission criteria:
Services fee structure to reduce overall costs
Leverage clients’ collective spend
Ongoing Service management
Transaction systems security compliance
Service implementation
Client education and training
More detailed information is available in the RFP Process Summary on the
OECM website.
 Master Agreement negotiated with Chase Paymentech Solutions with assistance from
OECM legal counsel,
 provide flexibility for all Clients using the credit and debit card services.
 Agreement Construct
 Master Agreement and Client Supplier Select Agreement (CSSA)
 OECM Client Agreement
Who Can Use these Services?
 School Boards, Colleges, Universities, and other Broader Public Sector organizations such
as municipalities and health care agencies.
What is the Duration of Agreement?
 Master agreements were executed and commenced on August 6, 2013.
 The initial agreement term ends August 5, 2018, with an option for OECM to extend the
agreement for 2 additional 1 year periods.
 Chase Paymentech a subsidiary of the JPMorgan Chase bank
 Proven track record in the higher education and public sector
 More than 25 years in the payment processing business.
 Service to a wide variety of industries
 Customer-centric focus
 Embraces new payment solutions
 Collaborates with clients to implement the latest technologies
 First Canadian Acquirers to market chip embedded cards, EMV
The purpose of this service is to provide you with a network and access to process your
credit and debit card transactions
 Effective processing, transmitting and depositing of cardholder purchases.
 The capturing of card payment information,
 Validating the availability of funds from the Cardholder
 Depositing of funds into the institutions designated bank account (“Settlement Account”)
 A quick and convenient method to pay for goods and services
By using the credit and debit card transaction processing capabilities of
Chase Paymentech your institution will be able to have;
 Fast funding
 Secure and confidential payment transactions
 One consolidated statement
 One stop customer service
 Access to an online reporting tool – Resource Online
 Automation of manual payment processing
 More payment choices
As a leading provider of Credit and Debit card services, Chase Paymentech will
 A reliable and secure transaction network
 Payment Card Industry compliant services
 Linkage your online payment applications
 Stand alone or integrated Provide Point Of Sale (POS) terminals
Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI
 Assistance from a Security Standards compliance team
 Comprehensive Training programs, industry bulletins
 Inform Clients on current trends of PCI compliance requirements
Responsive Support Services
Support services accessible 24/7supports on the online payment solution
Technical staff to assist on reporting tools, E-commerce and POS terminal support
Responsiveness to client service calls
High quality customer service,
Consultative support on payment solutions
Sophisticated Reporting Capabilities
Access to the Resource Online Application
Training and Help Desk Support programs for report tools
Chase Paymentech is certified to connect with many ecommerce solution providers. As an
example here are some of the applications that are certified on the Chase Paymentech network
that are used by existing clients:
Should your institution not have an ecommerce solution or Gateway application
Chase Paymentech can offer you one of three innovative solutions for e-commerce
Offered by Chase Paymentech
Orbital Payment Gateway
 Enables online payment processing
 establish secure online transaction processing
 Fully customizable
 e-commerce enable your payment applications
 Chase Paymentech will provide all service, support, processing, technology, billing and customer care
Orbital Virtual Terminal
 Web-enabled payment processing tool
 Eliminates the need for any specialized hardware
 Protected Payment data transmission - encrypted at 128 bits
Hosted Checkout
 easily integrates with your payment cart application
Competitive Rates
Reduced rental rates of POS (Point Of Sale) terminals.
Visa and MasterCard Payment Rates:
There are two components which make up the total rates for each VISA® and
MasterCard® Transaction:
Interchange and Assessment Fee - Fees set by the Card Payment Brands.
Paid to Card Issuing banks.
Not negotiable and change periodically.
Processor Fee – Fee charged by Chase Paymentech for payment transaction
Interchange and
Assessment Fees
Processor Fee
Transaction Fee
AMEX and Discover Payment Rates:
There are two components which make up the total rates for each AMEX® and Discover
Card® Transaction:
Merchant Fees – set by AMEX® and Discover Card® includes various fees and
For special products or services,
Merchant’s non-compliance with AMEX® and Discover Card® policies and procedures.
Convey Fee – Fee charged by Chase Paymentech for payment transaction services.
Merchant Fees
Convey Fee
Transaction Fee
Interac Debit Rates:
 Transaction charges by Chase Paymentech for use of Interac debit card
 The Interac® network allows your customers to pay directly from their bank account into your
Settlement Account.
 Processed by Chase Paymentech’s payment transaction network.
 Refunds and exchanges can be made using Interac Debit card
 Cardholder must be present for a refund to be processed.
What is a Cost Recovery Fee (CRF)?
 A nominal percentage of the total processing transaction fee paid to OECM to cover the costs
associated with the development and management of this agreement.
 HST is applicable to the Cost Recovery Fee.
How will the CRF be collected?
 Each institution will sign an OECM Client Agreement with OECM
 OECM will collect the Cost Recovery Fee (CRF) directly from the participating institution
 OECM will invoice semi-annually for all transactions processed
 Cost Recovery Fee will be applied to all transactions (VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, and
Interac, etc.)
Example, all transactions from January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014 will be invoiced to the
institution by OECM on July 28, 2014.
Clients will be required to sign:
The Client Supplier Select Agreement (CSSA)
The CSSA incorporates legal requirements for both the client and Chase Paymentech Solutions,
Select Client Application – to setup the client account with Chase Paymentech Solutions,
Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement – to deposit into the client’s bank Settlement Account for all regular credit
and debit transactions.
OECM Client Agreement
Agreement between OECM and Clients covering Cost Recovery Fee
Provision for both baseline and ongoing spend data
The 5 step sign up process for the Credit and Debit Card Processing
Services agreement to implementation:
Sign documents to
use the service:
Risk Analysis
Contact and
Secure Log-in
Login to OECM's
secure site.
Review agreement
documents Credit
and debit card
processing services
Agreement Sign-up
Contact Chase
Paymentech explore:
• Unique benefits of
the agreement
Review associated
rates and fees based
on your institution's
unique requirements.
Chase Paymentech
Solutions will
- a risk analysis
- Comparison of
OECM Chase
agreement to existing
• Client Supplier
• Appendices A, B,
C and D
• OECM / Client
Agreement Learn
Chase Paymentech
and Client develop
and execute the
implementation plan
Begin processing
your Credit and Debit
OECM staff will provide a wide range of agreement management
services to monitor supplier and agreement performance:
 Facilitate meetings with clients to discuss the benefits of the service
 Help to facilitate the sign up process for your institution/organization
 Provide timely updates on changes to the agreement
 Manage supplier performance
 Proactively gain business intelligence to better assist clients with contract
management and tracking performance
 Quarterly forums to discuss Service success/improvement with clients
Sam Campisi
Manager, Business Relationship Group
Phone: (416) 847-1105
Email: [email protected]
Chase Paymentech
Bruce Averill
Account Executive
Phone: (866) 642-0550
Email: [email protected]
Kevin Brock
National Sales Director
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