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T r a n s f or m S choo l s
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Viva la vida... BBCap style
The Times Leadership Challenge Final, Malawi
elcome to the autumn edition of Capital Q.
As we go to press I am pleased to report that we have been announced
as Preferred Bidder on the Southwark Schools for the Future project.
This is a great achievement for Transform Schools, bringing the number
of BSF projects in our portfolio to three. Congratulations to all the team
who worked hard to produce an outstanding bid.
In this past year Capital College has raised the profile of training within
our organisation and it remains a high priority for us all. Back in March,
an advert was posted on Capital College calling for participants to
represent the company in the Times Leadership Challenge. After three
intense rounds of competition against 64 other teams, I was delighted
to learn that our team had made it to the finals in Malawi. I think this
is not only a great achievement for the team but also for the company.
It shows we are able to provide a working environment which supports
its people and nurtures talent.
This is a great achievement for
Transform Schools, bringing
the number of BSF projects in
our portfolio to three.
2008 has been a challenging year. We’ve had some great successes but
the scale and extent of the “credit crunch” has been a surprise to us all.
The financial close of CNDR, Fife Hospital and M25 are all being impacted
and it will take a lot of hard work to get these over the line.
4-7 The Times Leadership Challenge Final, Malawi
A uniqu e o pp o r tuni t y t o l e ar n
8-9C a p i t a l L i f e
V i va la v ida B B C ap s t y l e !
Consort Healthcare
F o unda ti o n s t o n e c e r e m o n y a t Tam e sid e
N e w m e n t al h e al th fa cili ti e s
Bidding up da t e
14-15 C o n n e c t R o a d s
Ro u tin e and W in t e r S e r v i c e C o d e s e minar
J o ur n e y T im e Re liabili t y
O h I d o lik e t o b e b e sid e th e s e asid e ...
N o r th W e s t F ir e and Re s cu e S e r v i c e s P F I P r o j e c t
M y a t t s F i e ld N o r th
18-21 Tr a n s f o r m S c h o o l s
Ro y al v isi t in Ro th e r ham
Bidding up da t e
22-23 Our people
S p o tligh t o n ... th e C e n t r al F inan c e P r o c e s sing t e am
24-25 The quarter in pictures
16-17 26-27 N e x t q u a r t e r
T h e T im e s L e a de r s hip Ch a l l e nge Fin a l , M a l aw i
A unique opportunity
to learn
t started with 64 teams of six. 384 individuals, each
being assessed on their mental and emotional responses to a series of
increasingly challenging and complex situations. Only four teams
made it to the finals in Malawi…
The selection process began back in May when BBCap held a
selection day to pick two teams of six to enter into the Times
Leadership Challenge. Ben Johnstone, Jarrod Holmes, Stephanie
Mills, Adam Tyson, Hannah Burchell and Katie Whitehill made up
team ‘Thinking Caps’. After a challenging first round and an even
more challenging 24 hour semi-final, the team was absolutely
delighted to make it to the finals in Malawi where they participated
in an experience of a lifetime.
The Times Leadership Challenge has been an invaluable learning
experience for the BBCap employees who participated this year. From
the selection day on the outskirts of London to the finals in Africa, Ben
Johnstone, Graduate Manager gives us the lowdown on the challenge…
The Leadership challenge provided us with exposure to the core principles
of leadership. The instructors have some very well refined views about
leadership that have been proven to work in very real scenarios – people’s
lives have often depended on their ability to lead. Through the competition,
we’ve been assessed and given constructive feedback about our behaviour
and leadership styles in high intensity situations. The purpose of these
scenarios was to take us out of our “comfort zone” (road building in 43°C
for example, see overleaf for more details!) and to challenge our perceptions
of our own capabilities. All of the lessons had implications within the
business environment with emphasis placed on debriefing and self
analysis to ensure continual improvement. I’ve returned from Malawi with a
renewed sense of purpose, a better understanding of my own style of
leadership and the confidence to lead and assert myself when required.
Personally, I loved the fact that everything we were doing was “real”. So many
training initiatives pose hypothetical scenarios – you don’t really get to find
out what you’ve learnt until you’re doing it for the first time in anger. Here,
the situations are real and important so you build experience as well as
competence – I don’t know of any other training initiative that achieves this.
The winner of the 2008 Times Leadership Challenge will be announced
at the Challenge Ball on Friday 14th November.
T h e T im e s L e a de r s hip Ch a l l e nge Fin a l , M a l aw i
Wednesday 15th October 18:00
Wednesday 15th October 19:00
Thursday 16th October 05:00
Thursday 16th October 05:15
Friday 17th October 10:00
Friday 17th October 11:00
Friday 17th October 12:00
Friday 17th October 14:00
After 18 hours of travelling we arrive in Majete game
reserve to set up camp. Unfortunately Steph’s bags didn’t
make it off the plane so it was the start of a gruelling few
days without any kit!
Sunset over camp.
Full steam ahead! We left camp at 04:30 and had the
challenge to build the majority of a children’s playground
before 07:00.
Katie, who was chief cement mixer had to visit the well for
essential cement supplies.
Jarrod show’s he’s not just good with spreadsheets but
with pick axes too!
Steph takes to a shovel surprisingly well!
Ok, so we didn’t quite dig the whole road but it was 42°C.
We did however manage to clear a fair bit of forest and
successfully mapped out the rest of the 5k road.
After lunch the finalists were looking weary and feeling the
strains of working in intense heat...
Thursday 16th October 07:00 Thursday 16th October 07:15
Thursday 16th October 07:30
Thursday 16th October 07:30
Friday 17th October 14:30
Friday 17th October 19:00
Saturday 18th October 03:00
Saturday 18th October 13:00
Pupils from Namisempha Junior School welcome us to their
school with a performance which brought some of us to tears.
Briefing for our next challenge. We had a number of challenges
to complete before lunchtime. And they were!…
Painting the newly built teacher’s accommodation. A building
funded by the money raised at our semi-finals.
Adam shows off some skills he picked up on Knowsley
construction site.
So it was time for some quiet reflection in the river.
Time to set up camp again, and enjoy the peace and quiet as
it was our last night in the Majete Game Reserve.
In the dead of night we packed up camp and set off on a six
hour drive to an Orphanage in the north of Malawi.
The final challenge… paint the orphanage.
Thursday 16th October 09:00
Thursday 16th October 10:00
Thursday 16th October 12:00
Thursday 16th October 12:30
Saturday 18th October 15:00
After all that painting and carpentry we thought playground
duty would be light relief but it turned out to be the biggest
energy zapper of all!
Teach the children English. It’s much harder than it sounds.
We managed to teach them ‘My name is…’ Unfortunately
we couldn’t quite communicate it well enough and had 40
children all walking around saying ‘My name is Jarrod’!
All the finalists and instructors reconvene after lunch in
front of the teacher blocks funded by the Times Leadership
We spent the afternoon in the village of Namisempha learning
about village life. The objective was that the finalists would
work together in groups in different parts of the village to
cook the villagers a traditional Malawian meal.
Steph and Martin from BSkyB co-ordinated the painting of
the Orphanage sign.
The results can be seen on p.4&5
Thursday 16th October 17:00 Friday 17th October 06:00
Friday 17th October 07:00
Friday 17th October 09:00
Sunday 19th October 10:00
Picture of the week
Time to say goodbye. After what was a physically and
mentally exhausting day in the village we said our goodbyes
to the villagers we’d got to know and become so fond of.
Day two and time to finish the school playground.
All the finishing touches were made, ready for the children to
enjoy after their 4k walk home from school.
Deep in the heart of the Majete Game Reserve we wondered,
what next? Dig a road. Possibly our most gruelling challenge
of the trip.
Time to leave Malawi. But we will most definitely remember
this experience of a lifetime. Thank you BBCap for giving us
such a fantastic opportunity!
The award goes to Mr Ben Johnstone for this great photo.
Viva la vida BBCap style!
apital Life is an exciting new initiative at BBCap
and it’s due to be rolled out in 2009.
To date, BBCap has been fully supportive of a number of social activities
including sailing weekends, skiing breaks, summer balls and fishing trips.
The annual BBCap ski trip is a great example of our employees wanting
to gather together out of office hours. The 2009 trip has proved to be
more popular than ever with 68 members of staff from offices around
the country already signed up to take part.
With that in mind BBCap would like to offer a more varied programme of
events, ensuring there is an event for everyone. BBCap hope to achieve
this through Capital Life. Who better to decide on the sort of events you
would like to participate in than you!
Capital Life will be driven by suggestions made by employees and
co-ordinated by a team covering the whole of the UK.
Ben Willett, Assistant Bid Manager will oversee proceedings and co-ordinate
regional representatives. Put down any event suggestions you may have on
an event suggestion form and pass on to your regional representative. This
will then be passed on for approval.
In 2009 BBCap looks forward to inviting you to a wide range of events
including family days, cultural outings and sporting events to name a few.
Before Christmas we will be launching a calendar on The Library, giving
you a taster of what’s to come and keeping you up to date on the schedule
of events.
The future of Capital Life is in your hands… So, get your suggestions
in and we look forward to reporting on these events in Capital Q
next year!
Foundation stone ceremony at Tameside
o celebrate the 60th anniversary of the NHS, Tameside
Hospital has organised a series of events which will raise awareness
of the construction project at their hospital. For the first event on
5th July, the Health Improvement Team sought out the first baby
born in Tameside Hospital on the first day of the NHS.
Maureen Fox (top inset photo) was delighted to be dubbed The Bevin
Babe, and subsequently accepted an invitation to lay the foundation
stone at the Hartshead Building on 26th September. Maureen and
Trust Chairman, Tim Presswood, were presented with commemorative
trowels following the foundation stone event on site, and then escorted
their guests to Werneth House for lunch. In her short speech following
lunch Maureen noted that, if she had been born at the hospital on the
4th July 1948 instead of 5th July, her parents would have had to pay
two guineas for the care she and her mother received!
The Trust took this opportunity to launch their ENTHUSE project
(Engaging Tameside Hospital USErs), and invited representatives
from local schools to join them on a number of projects over the
course of the construction period. BBCap’s community engagement
team will support the Trust with these projects, as will Balfour Beatty
Construction via the Construction Skills Academy based at Salford.
In addition the Trust and the educational establishments will
collaborate on mutually beneficial projects to ensure the local
community develops and maintains close links with the hospital.
Opening of Birmingham’s
£70m mental health hospital
ne of the most prestigious mental health
projects undertaken in Europe was officially opened last quarter by Alan
Johnson, the Secretary of State for Health and comedienne Jo Brand
(who is an ex-psychiatric nurse).
This £70 million complex of three hospital buildings was handed over
to Birmingham Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust by Consort
Healthcare as part of the Birmingham New Hospitals Project, and
replaces the existing Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital which has
now been demolished. It provides 140 beds including specialist services
for neuropsychiatry, eating disorders, mother and baby, deaf services,
psychiatric intensive care and general wards for adults with acute mental
health problems.
The team at Consort Healthcare Birmingham worked closely with the
Mental Health Trust, their service users and the local community over
the last four years to overcome obstacles to deliver these facilities.
Russell Hall, Design Manager, Consort Healthcare paid tribute to the
Trust’s project team, “Their vision to help people get better by promoting
hope and recovery became a shared goal and formed the basis of a strong
professional relationship and lasting personal friendships.”
E n ni s k i l l e n
Following the notification that we were unsuccessful on Enniskillen we have received a formal debrief from the Trust. A workshop took place in
October for the Balfour Beatty Healthcare team to review the feedback and try and identify improvement areas for forthcoming health bids on
Papworth and Royal Liverpool hospital projects.
Et oi l e c a n c e r p r o j e c t, Ly o n
The 2nd stage of this project got under way in mid-October. This centre will be known as a “hadrontherapy centre” and uses similar technology
(albeit at a much smaller scale) to the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva which has featured so strongly in the news recently. We have used the
recent down-time on the project to get more acquainted with the PFI process in France and to learn more about the technology. Our project team
members Pascal Fel and Tzvetelina Bogoina recently visited a similar installation in Essen, Germany, soon to be completed by our partners IBA.
In the light of the feedback on the Enniskillen project and in view of changes to the procurement approach which the Trust wished to bring in
on Omagh we have now confirmed to the Trust that the Consort Healthcare consortium is withdrawing from the project. The decision was
made jointly by Balfour Beatty and our Northern Ireland partners Graham. The decision has been partly driven by the constant delays to the
project which was OJEU’d in April 2007 but which we are still awaiting the Competitive Dialogue documents, 18 months later.
A a c h e n c a n c e r p r o j e c t, G e r m a n y
The 2nd stage of this project is about to get under way. Our role on this project is as equity provider only (rather than sponsor) so we have
much less direct involvement.
Like many other PPP projects, Fife has been affected by the recent tightening of the credit market such
that the funders that had been identified are no longer able to hold their terms. As a result the project
will now be subject to a further funding competition which will be overseen by Rob Edwards and Jarrod
Holmes in project finance. In the meantime the Consort Healthcare team is working flat out to finalise
the remaining commercial matters whilst NHS Fife is well advanced in its enabling works.
Pa p w o r t h H o s p i ta l
The next UK hospital expected to go to OJEU will be the world renowned cardiac hospital – Papworth. The project involves the relocation of the
hospital from rural Cambridgeshire to the Addenbrookes Hospital campus in the city of Cambridge. During the summer David Boyd and Stephen
Spall took Trust staff to the US on a joint visit to investigate recent cardiac centre facilities, partly sponsored by Balfour Beatty
Construction US. We are hoping to see the OJEU by December 2008.
Routine and Winter
Service Code seminar
Journey Time Reliability
onnect Roads is now 13 years into
the 30 year contract to operate and maintain the A50 from Sawley
Interchange at the eastern end of the Derby Southern Bypass to Meir
Interchange at the western end of the Blythe Bridge Bypass. During
this time, expectations of service levels to the customer have advanced
and Connect Roads is proud to have been selected by the Highways
Agency as the first private finance company to have its 1996 contract
requirements significantly changed by updating to new standards
of working.
he Routine and Winter Service Code (RWSC)
Embedment seminar was held jointly between Connect Roads and the
Highways Agency on 18th September to celebrate and participate in
the introduction of the Network Management Manual (NMM) and
RWSC on the Connect Roads concessions.
The culmination of 2 years of collaborative working, the seminar was
attended by Connect Roads and the Highways Agency operational
staff, and explained the history of the incorporation of NMM/RWSC
into the existing contracts using Best Value criteria. To emphasise the
spirit of partnership and engender this into the delivery team, speakers
included those people involved with the contract negotiations who
addressed how this change will work in practice.
The RWSC is designed to improve the delivery of safe and reliable
journeys, the key aspect being the introduction of outcome based
levels of service including the introduction of the Incident Support
Unit service.
Over the past two years, Connect Roads has been working in partnership
with the Highways Agency to adopt into the contract over one hundred
changes in highway operational standards and the adoption of performance
rather than prescribed methods of working.
The Incident Support Units (ISUs) were an advanced agreement of the
larger change and their success is clearly demonstrated by statistics.
However, this is only one element of the update. The other substantial
areas of change to be implemented over the coming months will
include landscape and biodiversity management, geotechnical
assessment and bridge inspections.
In addition to reducing the contractual response time for incidents
between 5am and 9pm from 1 hour to 45 minutes, the ISUs
patrolling the network throughout the day also provide a pro-active
approach to preventing incidents and reducing delays to road users.
By identifying potential problems on the network (such as debris in
live lanes) before they can lead to an incident, the ISUs can improve
road user safety and journey time reliability.
Fire and Rescue
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...
n March 2008 Balfour Beatty plc purchased Dean and
Dyball, a leading multi-disciplinary contractor based in the South-East of
England. Dean and Dyball own a 25% stake in one PFI concession,
that being Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd (PCDL). Since Balfour Beatty’s
acquisition, it made sense for PCDL to sit within the Infrastructure
Operations part of BBCap.
Pevensey beach is largely formed of gravel and sand pushed landward
from the Channel floor by rising sea levels following the last ice age.
Material used to replenish the beach today is also taken from the sea
bed and is thus a very close match for the existing beach.
Ian Thomas, Project Manager of Pevensey Coastal Defence tells us
why the work they do there is key to the protection of the coastline
and its wildlife.
• considerate Construction Scheme award in 2003, and 2005 to 2007;
“Pevensey Bay’s Sea Defences consist of a shingle bank that extends
for 9km between Eastbourne and Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex.
Immediately inland there is an area of some 50sq.km that includes
over 10,000 properties, several caravan parks and important road
and rail links. It is also home to the ecologically sensitive Pevensey
Levels, which would be inundated by salt water every high tide if the
defences were permanently breached.
The Pevensey Bay Contract is the first Public Private Partnership
(PPP) flood defence scheme to be let in the UK and, as a pathfinder
project (HM Treasury designated), its success or failure is likely to
be significant in future flood defence procurement policy.
Over the years PCDL has accrued a number of awards including:
Balfour Beatty Fire and Rescue, a consortium led by BBCap, has been invited to participate in Competitive Dialogue
for the £45m (capex) North West Fire and Rescue Services PFI Project, following a successful PQQ submission on
12th September.
The project involves the design, construction, financing and facilities management of 16 community fire stations in
Merseyside, Lancashire and Cumbria.
BBCap are working in partnership with HBML and a construction joint venture comprising Mansell and Border
Construction, a Cumbria based contractor.
• a Green Apple award in 2006;
•Best Environment Project above £20 million at the Public Private
Finance Awards in 2002.
None of these awards would have been possible without the willingness
of all stakeholders to work together constructively for the good of the
community and the environment. They also reflect how the scheme was
initially setup by the Environment Agency and the close collaboration that
has existed between PCDL and the Agency ever since. We hope to
continue with our successes and look for new innovative ways to
continually improve the service we provide.”
Ian Thomas
Myatts Field North is at the final tender stage with only two bidders left. The call for final tenders is currently 28th
November with the final tender hopefully being submitted around 5th December. With the current credit crunch and
dropping property values, the project is throwing more and more challenges at the bid team. If all goes to plan, the
preferred bidder will be announced in mid January 2009, watch this space...
Royal visit in Rotherham
n 9th October Prince Andrew arrived
in style to officially open Maltby Crags Junior and Infant Schools.
In bright autumn sunshine, the pupils gathered in the playground to
welcome the Prince as he flew his helicopter over the school buildings
and landed on the playing field.
Formal introductions took place before the Prince was conducted on a
tour of the school by head teachers Helen Mangham and Sheila Ralph,
to see the work that the children have been doing since they moved
into their new buildings. In addition, there was a special visit to see
the outdoor areas and the pond which has been constructed by pupils
of the school, working with the Site Manager Jim Beasley.
During the formal part of the itinerary guests were treated to musical
entertainment, first by junior school pupils, and then by Key Stage 1
pupils, culminating with a joint performance of ‘The Greatest Love of all’,
emphasising the school’s message that ‘Children are our future’. The
Prince asked the children to promise that they would learn all that they
could from their teachers, and would do their homework (without too
much help from mum or dad!), before unveiling the plaque to
commemorate the official opening of the schools.
The pupils were then delighted to see the motorcade of cars and
motorcycles that whisked the Prince away to his next appointment,
and the event was brought to a close with a balloon race.
Hu l l B SF
S o ut h wa r k S c h o o l s f o r t h e Futu r e
“I am delighted to announce that the Transform Schools consortium of BBCap, HBML, BBCSSL, BK and RM have been successful in
winning Southwark Schools for the Future (Southwark BSF). Particular credit is due to the rest of the team; Michael Tutty, Sophia
Erfan, Jarrod Holmes, Malte Martinsen, Vikki Ommanney, Sally Hankinson, Anne-Marie Butler, Teik Khow and Maria Fisher. We look
forward to working with the Council over the coming months to reach Financial Close.” Laura Smith
S a n d w e l l B SF
“Sandwell BSF bid is now in the Continuation of dialogue phase. It’s a very busy period with numerous work stream meetings
continuing with the client. There has been slippage of deadlines with the client moving Close of Dialogue to 21st November and
submission of the final bid to 2nd January. We are working hard to tie the bid up before Christmas to avoid some of the challenges of
getting printing done over the holiday and hopefully giving the team a well-earned break.” Claire Douglas
D e r b y s hir e B SF
“We are nearing the final hurdle of the competition for Derbyshire BSF and are due to submit the ITSFB on the final stage of our bid in the
coming weeks.” Ian Woosey
“Since the release of the OJEU on 3rd September we have had the opportunity to meet Hull’s project team at their Bidders Day
in September. This was an opportunity to learn more about the project and the challenges Hull are dealing with. There is much
regeneration taking place in Hull and the BSF programme will be a way to contribute to social and economic regeneration,
transform learning and deliver new life chances.
We were successful with our pre-qualification which was submitted on 14th October and have now been invited to submit the
ITPD on 13th November followed by a presentation on either 26th or 27th November.” Rachel Blagg
B l a c k bu r n w i t h D a r w e n a n d B o lt o n B SF
“Balfour Beatty Education has been successful in qualifying for the ITCD stage of Blackburn with Darwen and Bolton BSF. This is a
£400m BSF project covering two local authorities totaling 27 schools. The competition at ITPD stage was stiff. We were up
against three strong bidders: Catalyst, Interserve, Laing/Laing O’Rourke. At the moment, it is not known who other than
ourselves have qualified for ITCD but there is no doubt the competition will be strong.
The Blackburn with Darwen and Bolton bid team have been working very hard to get to this stage and prepare for the ITCD stage.
The BBCap direct team is: Chris Sargent, Martin Sweeney, Kapil Lalwani, Mark Jennings, Ben Yates and Dave McCallam.
I should also mention that our submissions team have done brilliant work (once again) in providing support. The wider consortium
has also done some superb work to both support the ITPD and prepare for the ITCD stage.” Chris Sargent
C lair e R o w e
K im Vu o ng
S P O T LIGH T ON . . . t h e C e n t r a l F in a n c e P r o c e s s in g t e a m
I h av e b e e n a t B B C a p…
Claire …For about seven years and three months.
Kim …Nearly four years! How time flies!
Claire …studying ACCA. I’m also beginning to prepare for year end
and the madness that descends upon the Accounts Department with it.
Sam …Two years, one month, two weeks, one day!
Kim …studying towards my AAT accountancy qualification.
B e f o r e B B C a p. . .
Stef …saving so I can go discover another country… or five.
Claire …I worked for Alfred Dunhill in Knightsbridge.
M y ide a l Ca pita l Life e v en t woul d be…
Kim …I was at University studying Multimedia Technology (not sure
how that links into accounts but here I am!)
Claire …an adventure weekend – abseiling, archery, kayaking and so
on. I don’t profess to be any good at these sort of activities, however,
I like to try these things!
Sam …I was travelling all over lovely England! What a beautiful country!
MY T EAM . . .
Claire …is a hard working, fantastic group of individuals that
complement each other and work well as a team.
S t e f ani e R y an
I a m c u r r e n t ly. . .
Stef …Two years, five months and 16 days.
Stef …I ventured home to Durban, South Africa for a holiday. Before
that I was working at Sky TV.
S am Van D e r H e e v e r
Stef …is amazing. I can’t think of a better set of people who I have
worked with – they make coming to work that much better.
Kim …a BBCap Sports Day, to include the egg and spoon,
wheelbarrow and of course the three-legged race.
Stef …a treasure hunt around London.
Sam … Something where our Accounts team can show that we are not
just numbers, but we can compete in anything that you throw our way
and be a mighty challenge to all that feel brave enough to challenge us!
Kim …is the best bunch of people you could ask to be around 8 hours
a day, 5 days a week, many weeks in the year! We share the highs
and lows together and basically they make coming to work a more
enjoyable experience.
O k t o b e r f e s t – J ar r o d H o lm e s s h o w s o f f hi s l e d e r h o s e n
O n Fr i da y 19 t h S e p t e mb e r, t h r e e c r e w s o f B B C ap ama t e u r r o w e r s b r av e l y e n t e r e d t h e M an c h e s t e r C o r p o r a t e R o w ing R e ga t t a o n S al f o r d Q ua y s . O n e t e am mad e i t a s f ar a s t h e S e mi -f inal s . . .
. . . an d o n e t e am f e ll in !
O k t o b e r f e s t – P a s c al F e l an d D av e S w ar b r i c k g e t in t o c har a c t e r
O k t o b e r f e s t – B e n W ill e t t , K a t i e W hi t e hill an d To n y C r an e t ak e in t h e sig h t s o f M uni c h
Tr a n s f o r m S c h o o l s c o n f e r e n c e
21s t N o v e mb e r
Winter management conference 2009
Winter management conference 2009
21s t J anuar y
2009 BBCap ski trip to Davos
21s t – 25 th J anuar y
L aunch of the ‘Imagine database’ a project joint funded by BBCap
and Par tnerships for Schools to recognise excellence in global
s c h o o lLimited
Connect A30/A35
11th F e b r uar y
Rockbeare Hill
Telephone: 01404 823381
01404 832710
connect @connectroads.com
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