Prescribed burn at Kellidie Bay Conservation Park NEWS RELEASE

Prescribed burn at Kellidie
Bay Conservation Park
A prescribed burn is planned at Kellidie Bay Conservation Park east of Coffin Bay
for Tuesday, 22 April 2014, weather conditions permitting.
The prescribed burn will start at midday and should be complete by the
next day.
It will affect about 24ha in the northern section of the reserve.
A significant smoke column will be produced during this burn. This is
normal for burns of this size.
The northern section of the park will be closed during the burn, as will the
Oyster Walking Track through this section of the park.
Some smoke may affect neighbours and traffic on Coffin Bay Road,
however conditions have been chosen to minimise the impact on
adjoining properties.
Signs will be placed on the Coffin Bay Road to inform drivers of the burn.
Drivers should be aware of and give way to emergency vehicles.
The burn will be carried out by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural
Resources (DEWNR) and Country Fire Service (CFS).
As the burn will produce considerable smoke, it would be prudent to remove
washing from the clothes line and ensure that all doors and windows remain closed
for the duration.
Please take adequate precautions to ensure the wellbeing of any member of your
household with a medical condition that may be aggravated by smoke.
The primary objective of this burn is to reduce fuels in the area to prevent the
spread of bushfire. It is part of a state-wide program of prescribed burning in highrisk public land areas this autumn.
The burning of this 24ha will compliment another burn of 40ha to be undertaken in
the near future on the southern side of Coffin Bay Road.
The objective of the burn is to create a fuel reduced buffer, to limit the impact of
bushfires on the Coffin Bay Township and is part of a state-wide program of
prescribed burning in high-risk public land areas this autumn.
While prescribed burning contributes in the protection of life and property, fuel
reduction burning by itself is not the answer to fire prevention.
Georgia Gowing
Senior Media Adviser
Department of Environment,
Water and Natural Resources
Phone (08) 8204 9105
Mobile 0467 795 640
Email [email protected]
It is only one part of limiting the impact of bushfire on the community. Owner
preparation remains the key to preventing property loss.
Creating strategically-located, fuel-reduced areas through prescribed burning is
essential in helping to reduce the potential spread and impact of bushfires on
communities and the environment by providing earlier containment options for
A list of the week’s planned burns is available on the DEWNR website, at
Prescribed burns will only be carried out when it is deemed safe to do so and may
be cancelled at short notice.
Fire crews will remain on site until safe to leave.