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Everything in Dubai, bigger, better and more luxurious
Check out top 10 getaways without children
NEW YORK, Oct 15, (RTRS): Now the
kids have been back at school for a bit,
you might feel you could use a little
break from the domestic world with your
partner, as long as the grandparents don’t
mind watching over the children while
you jet off for a short holiday. In the spirit of parental sanity, online travel adviser Cheapflights (
offers its top 10 list of destinations for
you to grab a cocktail, kick back, relax
without the little rascals. Reuters has not
endorsed this list:
1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Thanks to Vegas, we know there is
plenty of fun to be had in the desert, but
nothing comes close to Dubai; the adult
playground set in the piping hot deserts
of the United Arab Emirates. From the
world’s largest man-made islands to the
entrancing gold markets and underwater
hotels, everything in Dubai is bigger,
better and more luxurious. Feel free to
spend some time being overwhelmed by
shopping malls and markets known as
souks, then tee off at world-renowned
golf courses, stop at the only Formula 1
theme park and kick up some fun with a
Jeep trip into the sand dunes.
2. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
In 1995, the old town of Lunenburg
on Canada’s east coast was deemed a
UNESCO World Heritage Site because
of its survival as a British colonial settlement. This quaint coastal village off
Mahone Bay is the perfect place to book
a bed-and-breakfast or small cottage and
explore the history, do a little kayaking
or simply unwind. Let Lunenburg’s
small-town charm and the tranquil seaside views win you over. When looking
for things to do, visit Bluenose, the
world-famous wooden racing schooner,
check out the Fisheries Museum and
learn about the salty men who navigated
the Atlantic, then head over to the
Ironworks Distillery for artisan spirit
3. St Lucia, Antilles
Just getting away isn’t always enough
— sometimes it takes a tropical island in
the middle of the ocean for us to feel
completely free of our duties and
responsibilities. Home to the grand Piton
mountains, the world’s only drive-in
volcano and warm crystal blue waters,
St. Lucia is an ideal Caribbean getaway
for any relaxation-seeking couple. For a
quick and rewarding hike, check out the
Saltibus Waterfall Trail, which leads you
through mountaintop rainforests to several picturesque waterfalls, perfect for
cooling off. If you’re not interested in
leaving the beach, take advantage of
renowned scuba and snorkeling, or hop
aboard a sailboat and cruise around the
4. Napa Valley, California
Even though early autumn is Napa
Valley’s most popular season for visitors, we still think it’s the best time to
take part in the grape harvesting festivities known as Crush. It’s one of the
Valley’s most exciting times and vineyards all over hold special events and
celebrations. Napa boasts more than 200
vineyards, world-renowned spas and a
dense population of Michelin-rated
restaurants, so there are plenty of opportunities for you and your significant
other to spoil yourselves. The scenery
alone is worth the trip, and we recommend viewing it from a hot air balloon
or the Napa Valley Wine Train, which
stops at several vineyards.
5. Portofino, Italy
The words “Italian Riviera” are usually enticing enough to dust off the suitcases, and Portofino is considered to be
the most beautiful harbor of them all.
What was once a quaint fishing village is
now a popular boating and yachting destination. The best place to stay is on a
boat, and there are plenty of exquisite
restaurants and high-end boutiques that
line the harbor. If sleeping on dry land is
more your style, travel the sea by water
taxi to other towns along the Riviera,
including Genoa and San Fruttuoso.
6. Cozumel, Mexico
Cancun might have a reputation for
college kids, foam parties and a heavy
late-night scene, but on the island of
Cozumel, just a short distance away, it’s
a different story. As a tourist destination,
Mexico is known for catering to its visitors at spectacular resorts where the possibilities for fun in the sun are endless —
and Cozumel is no exception. Aside
from observing the beautiful surroundings, consider hanging out at the beach,
getting in some scuba diving, taking
advantage of resort activities like tennis
and yoga, or catching up on some reading by the pool.
7. Stirling, Scotland
A bit smaller than some of Scotland’s
other cities, Stirling is an ideal place for
parents who are looking for a quiet getaway. Packed with history, lush rolling
hills, charming bed-and-breakfasts, and
plenty of outdoor activity, there’s a little
something for everyone. Whether you’re
a history buff or not, The National
Wallace Monument, in honor of William
Wallace, is a must see. (That’s for you,
Braveheart fans.) Then tour the Stirling
Old Town Jail, visit Stirling Castle and
check out the Old Bridge.
8. Valle Nevado, Chile
A day on the ski slopes is a great way
for families to bond and for kids to put to
use some of that excess energy, but with
the hassle of gloves, hats, equipment and
the occasional cold-weather whining, a
ski trip for two could be just what you
need. Since good skiing in summer
months is hard to come by, think about
heading south to Valle Nevado in Chile,
where it’s still winter — if you’ve got a
chunk of time to spend.
9. Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Jacksonville and St. Augustine is the
famed Ponte Vedra Beach. You may
think the only thing Ponte Vedra has to
offer is a ridiculous golf scene — which
it does — but that’s not the sole reason
to visit this swanky coastal community.
When not teeing off, visitors take full
advantage of exquisite spa treatments
offered at several multi-diamond spa
resorts, hit around the tennis ball, stop
off at beautifully manicured beaches,
check out quaint and unique shops, and
partake in other activities you indulge in
when the kids aren’t around. And no
Ponte Vedra Beach experience goes
without a look into the Spanish colonial
history stretching back as far as 1513.
10. Lavaux, Switzerland
The vineyard terraces of Lavaux may
not be on your travel radar, but they
should be. There is evidence to suggest
that these terraces were used to grow
grapes for wine during the Roman
Empire, and they have now been inducted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Settled along the coast of placid Lake
Geneva are a string of small villages
connected by the grape vines of the
ancient terraces. Travel between the villages by foot, stopping for picnics and
wine tastings, and spend the night at
bed-and-breakfasts as you go. Or, take
the train, which stops in many small
towns. If travel within the autumn
months is possible, make sure to have
the camera handy for some truly stunning fall foliage photographs.
place to visit on October 18th, 2011 at
For more information, call
25335260/80 ext 105 or 104 or e-mail:
[email protected] or log onto:
KTAA textile diwaniya: The Kuwait
Textile Arts Association (KTAA) under
the auspices of Sadu House cordially
invites you to the monthly presentation
‘Show and Tell’ Textile Diwaniya. This
meeting the spotlight is on you, old or
new, woven, knitted, embroidered, or
quilted. Every textile has a story and we
want you to share yours. Tuesday, Oct 18,
at 7 pm in Sadu House (doors open at
6:30 pm), Arabian Gulf Street, on the corner of the National Museum, Kuwait City.
KLT presents Mad Musicals 7: The
Kuwait Little Theatre would like to
announce that tickets are now on sale for
Mad Musicals 7. Promising to be an exciting night of music and dance, you’ll be
able to watch 30+ numbers representing
some of the best stage and screen musicals of all time – from 1950s classics to
the 2011 Tony Award Winner for Best
New Musical – we’ve got it all covered
and you won’t believe some of the new
talent we’ve uncovered to deliver it!
Performance dates are Oct 18, 19, 20 and
21, 2011. Book now by logging on to or by calling the Box
Office on 99373678.
Oct 20
PDA celebrates Onam: The eleventh
David Brenneman, director of collections and exhibitions at the High Museum talks about Jasper Johns’ painting ‘Map’ on Oct 6, in Atlanta. ‘Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen Modern Masters’ at the High
Museum of Art brings together more than 100 works by 14 influential 20th Century artists pulled from the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and shown together for the first time in
the Southeast. (AP)
Walk through the history of modern art
US museum features ‘Picasso to Warhol’ expo
Drinking problem?: You are no longer
alone! Confidential helpline 99641389.
Narcotics Anonymous: NA can help
with addiction problems. Totally confidential: 94087800 English/Arabic.
Healthy eating plan: Lose weight,
Feel Great! Weekly meetings based on the
world’s most successful healthy eating
plan. We meet every Tuesday 6 pm to 7
pm at the BLS premises, Rumithiya. After
your private weigh in, members stay for a
motivational talk, recipes to try or a cooking demonstration. Weekly fee of KD
2.500, first meeting KD10 to cover the
cost of the course material.
For more information, contact Danielle
[email protected]
Cancer online support group: If
you are Cancer patient or family member
fighting with this deadly disease, come
join our online support group. Best way of
dealing with this disease is providing support and share our experience with each
other. There are lot of things which even
doctors can’t tell so be member of this
website and start sharing your experiences
which may help others. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer
Awareness Month (NBCAM). The primary purpose is to promote self examination and screening mammography as the
most effective way to save lives by detecting breast cancer at early stage. For more
information visit:”
Oct 17
Spoon bending seminar: Everyone,
regardless of physical strength, can twist
metal spoons with ease. You could try to
use your muscles and brute force to twist
and bend spoons or you can learn to use
the energy around you. 6-8 pm Monday,
Oct 17, Better Books and Cafe.
[email protected] or call
ATLANTA, Oct 15, (AP): With bold
colors and iconic images, a new exhibition at Atlanta’s main art museum
allows visitors to experience dozens of
modern art masterpieces and to
explore the relationships among the
artists who created them.
“Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen
Modern Masters” at the High Museum
of Art brings together more than 100
works by 14 influential 20th-century
artists pulled from the collections of
the Museum of Modern Art in New
“We wanted to create 14 intimate,
immersive situations for people so
they could feel like they had both met
these artists and walked through the
history of modern art,” said High
director Michael Shapiro.
tionships between these works that
you can’t see in our galleries” because
the works aren’t displayed together at
MoMA, Hauptman said. “Instead of
being told about these connections,
you actually see them.”
The exhibition allows visitors to
focus on a single artist but also to get
a glimpse of what’s to come and to
consider the dialogue between the
works, Hauptman said.
Standing in front of the opening
piece - Picasso’s brightly colored,
large-format 1932 painting “Girl
Before a Mirror” - the visitor can look
to the left and see “Two Acrobats with
a Dog” from 1905, during Picasso’s
Rose Period, and then turn to the right
to see Henri Matisse’s “Dance (I)” in
the next part of the gallery.
Sculptures by Constantin Brancusi
and paintings and drawings by Piet
Mondrian offer objects or settings
stripped down to their essence - with
Brancusi’s streamlined bronze sculpture evoking a bird and Mondrian
using grids of horizontal and vertical
lines to represent a seascape, a church
or a busy city square.
In a side gallery are works by
Marcel Duchamp, whom Shapiro
describes as probably the most radical
artist in the exhibition. Most striking,
perhaps is a wood and galvanized iron
snow shovel hanging from the ceiling
that the artist bought in a hardware
store in 1915, then signed, dated and
titled it “In Advance of the Broken
True to its title, the exhibition opens
with paintings and etchings by Pablo
Picasso and finishes with pop art pieces
and a film by Andy Warhol. Works are
clustered by artist, giving visitors a
more complete look at each artist’s
career, said MoMA’s Jodi Hauptman,
lead curator of the exhibition.
“The biggest revelation is the rela-
Oct 18
BSK aid breast cancer: BSK is
going pink to support cancer research.
Join us on Tuesday Oct 18, 2011 from
16:00-18:00 in the Marble Arch at the
AWARE diwaniya: The AWARE
Center cordially invites you to its
diwaniya presentation on Tuesday (Oct
18, 2011) entitled “Prophet Muhammad’s
Relations with all human beings” by Dr
Teresa Lesher at 7:00 pm.
This photo provided by the Kimbell Art Museum on Oct 31, 2011 shows a
painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio titled, The Cardsharps, c.1595,
oil on canvas. Works by famed Italian artist Caravaggio will be displayed along
with pieces by those he influenced in an exhibit opening in Fort Worth, its only
US stop. (AP)
Jackson Pollock’s “Number 1A”
showcases the artist’s well-known drip
painting technique, his personal
involvement with the painting stamped
onto one edge in the form of handprints in paint. Mobiles by Alexander
Calder in a side gallery “defy one of
the basic rules of sculpture, which is
that gravity is in charge,” Shapiro said.
In “Map” from 1961, Jasper Johns,
the only living artist in the exhibition,
blurs the borders of the states in a
giant, colorful map of the United
States, using brushwork but also clearly identifying each one by name in
bold, stenciled letters.
Also included in the exhibition are
works by Fernand Leger, Giorgio
Chirico, Louise Bourgeois and Romare
A free iPhone and Android application allows visitors to interact with the
exhibition using their smart phones.
By using one of those phones to take a
picture of a piece, visitors can pull up
more information, chat electronically
with other visitors or pose questions in
real time to museum staff.
Prophet Muhammad’s Relations with
Others: Join Dr Teresa Lesher for a
glimpse into the life of Prophet
Muhammad and how he dealt with others,
including Jews and Christians, women
and children, friends and foes, believers
and non-believers. All are welcome.
During the golden era of Islam, Muslims
co-existed with non-Muslims in peace and
harmony. Dr Teresa’s presentation will
focus on the following perspective: theological, legal, societal, financial dealings,
non-Muslims’ positions in government,
among others. A 20-minute presentation
will be followed by Q &A. If you are
interested, the AWARE Center is the best
Onam celebrations of Pathanamthitta
District Association (PDA) is scheduled to
be held on Friday 28th October 2011, in
which Shri Anto Antony, M.P. of
Pathanamthitta Loksabha Constituency
will be the Chief Guest and the Indian
Ambassador to Kuwait, Shri Satish C.
Mehta will offer felicitations. In connection with the Onam celebrations,
Pathanamthitta District Association is
holding an art competition in Poetry and
Short Story writings and the Association
is inviting Poems and Short Stories from
talented individuals among Malayalees in
Kuwait. The competitors must take special care to have the Poems in not more
than 20 lines and the Short Stories in not
more than forty lines. The best Poem and
Short Story will be decided by Judges
appointed by the Association and the
Judges’ decision will be final. The Prizes
for the Winners will be presented at the
Onam celebrations function.
Persons who are interested in participating in the above competition may
please send their writings with photograph
to the following address before Oct 20,
For more information, please contact
mobile nos. 97863052 or 66501482
Oct 21
Buntaayana 2011: Buntara Sangha
Kuwait (BSK) is pleased to announce the
much awaited Mega Cultural event
‘Buntaayana 2011’ on friday the 21st
October 2011 at the Cambridge School
Auditorium (Al Mangaf Makka Street,
Opp. The Sultan Centre, Mangaf). The
event shall be a cultural bonanza with various dance, music and comedy skits performed by the members of BSK. The
main highlight of the event shall be
Yakshagana, the famous traditional folk
drama of our Tulunadu which shall be
performed by the renowned artists flown
from India. The event shall be graced by
famous dignitaries and personalities of
our Bunts community. The Managing
committee shall need cooperation from all
BSK members and invites you to be a part
of this Mega-cultural event and participate
collectively to achieve a magnanimous
Yakshagana Tickets are limited, To
reserve your tickets please call BSK
Managing Committe on the following
nos: 99929939 / 66236722 / 66502369 /
99558231 / 99584378.
Alternatively you can also send email
to [email protected]
Onathanima 2011: ‘Onathanima
2011’ the most notable expatriate cultural
fest in Kuwait, will take place on 21st
October 2011 at Indian Central School,
Seventh National Tug-O-War championship in the auspices of Thanima also
will be organized along with Onathanima.
The winners of National Championship
will be presented with Sancelia Everrolling Gold Cup.
This year National Championship
enters its seventh year. Twenty teams from
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