S.N.E. Support Non-Exempt

Support Non-Exempt
Request for Hire Process
 The Personnel Requisition Form initiates the recruitment process for all open positions.
For all vacancies - submit a completed Personnel Requisition Form including job description to the
Employment Department for processing and approval. (All upgrades and new lines need to be
approved by the College Provost for Operations).
Once approved, Employment will post positions. All positions will be posted as "Open until filled."
For Full Time Positions: First review of applications will take place two (2) weeks from posting date
for all positions. If necessary, then a second review will take place two (2) weeks after the first review.
Additional reviews may take place as needed until the position is filled.
For Part Time Positions: First review of applications will take place one (1) week after posting.
Continuous reviews will occur as directed appropriately.
Positions are posted in accordance with College Procedure 2100 – Recruitment, Internal/External
Recruitment, Selection and Hiring Process.
Employment will grant access to the on-line Employment Application database to the person named as
the “Refer to”, aka “Access Delegator” in the Personnel Requisition Form for 30 days. This person is
responsible for granting access to the screening committee.
Applications are only accepted through the on-line Employment Application system.
In compliance with EEO and OFCCP regulations, applications for employment with Miami Dade
College (MDC) cannot be submitted via regular mail, drop off box, e-mails or facsimiles.
Hiring Manager Role
Support Non-Exempt (SNE)
Hiring Manager, Your Charge Is:
Meet or schedule a conference call with the Employment Department to discuss position criteria.
Maintain confidentiality throughout the entire screening selection process.
Review applications/resumes of pre-screened applicants forwarded by member of Employment
Schedule final interviews within two (2) weeks of receiving pre-screened pool of applicants and
make selections via the Online Applicant Tracking System.
Complete the Online HR Interview Summary Form for all candidates that have been interviewed in
order to comply with Federal and State requirements. (Paper format no longer available)
Make final evaluations and formulate recommendations after all interviews have been conducted.
Adhere to MDC’s commitment to equity and diversity in accord with College Policy I-21 Equal
Access/Equal Opportunity
The Hiring Manager, when evaluating candidates for final recommendation, is responsible to:
Inform potential candidate that any informal discussions should not be perceived as a job interview
or job offer. Discussions of this nature can place the College and you in a compromising
Provide a realistic job preview and conditions of employment to the recommended candidates.
At least three (3) references must be listed (not relatives) who are familiar with the candidate's job
qualifications; at least (2) two should be recent supervisors; references are to be checked before
extending salary offer. Reference Checks
Pre-Screening Process
Support Non-Exempt (SNE)
The Employment Representative will meet or schedule conference call with Hiring Manager in order to obtain a clear
understanding of the position role and department’s needs in identifying potential candidates
The Employment Representative will conduct the pre-screening of internal applicants after the position has been posted
for one (1) week
The Hiring Manager must access the applicant information (resume and application) via the online employment
Application System
The Employment Representative will forward via e-mail the pre-screen list of qualified internal applicants to the Hiring
Manager approximately two (2) business days following the “First Review Date”, requiring everyone be interviewed on the
list. After the “First Review Date”, internal candidates are no longer afforded a required interview and are then treated the
same as external and veteran preference candidates, including requested “preferences” for the position
The job posting is then changed to “External” for up to two (2) additional weeks and Employment will provide an
additional candidate list for both internal and external candidates from the first date of the posting, should the department
request additional applicants to interview. Except under extreme circumstances, Employment does not continue to
prescreen applicants following the second review date
Pre-screenings past the total three (3) week period will be conducted by the Hiring Manager or assigned committee,
except under special circumstances
Consistent communication will be maintained with the Hiring Manager in reference to the applicant pool
Upon completion of the interviews, the Hiring Manager will enter the final candidate into the Applicant Tracking System
Unless under extreme circumstances discussed with the department, should the interview and selection process be
postponed beyond ninety (90) days from the “Posted date”, the position will become closed, notifying the applicants.
Should the department wish to re-open the position line, they must seek the College Provost’s approval with supporting
For further clarification and to access forms and resources, please visit the Hiring Process Guidelines
at: https://www.mdc.edu/hr/Guidelines/HiringProcess/Guidelines.pdf
Internal Candidate
Role of Hiring Supervisor and Internal Candidate
 Candidates must:
 Meet minimum
 Apply via the on-line
employment application
 Employees must be in good
standing to be considered
for internal postings
 Hiring Supervisors must:
 Notify current supervisor
prior to final salary offer
 Verify references including
all internal and provide
documentation to Human
Resources utilizing the
Telephone Reference Form:
 Review personnel file
 Receiving/departing
department must mutually
agree on start date
– Minimum of two week
– Budget transfers, if
Request for Salary Offer
(General Guidelines For All Positions)
General Salary Offer Guidelines:
Once an applicant is identified as “finalist,” the Hiring Manager must make the
selection via the Online Applicant Tracking System. (Note: The System will only
allow the designated Hiring Manager to select the finalist and request salary
Approved salary offers will be forwarded to Hiring Manager and relevant
Campus/District area heads.
Once the candidate has accepted the salary offer, the Employment Department
will inform the Hiring Manager as well as the candidate of the necessary steps in
order to begin their Onboarding Process (please refer to the Onboarding process
All new employees and re-hires will be required to undergo a background
investigation and fingerprinting as a condition of employment as stated in College
Procedure 2125 – Criminal Background Check and Fingerprinting
An offer letter will be sent to the candidate (copy to the Hiring Manager).
All employment offers are contingent upon a favorable background investigation
as stated in College Procedure 2125.
Salary Offer Process for
Support Non-Exempt (SNE)
Salary Offer Process:
Once an applicant is identified to be recommended for employment, the hiring manager
must make the appropriate selection via the Online Applicant Tracking System.
Completed salary offer requests will be shared with Campus/District areas once
endorsed: via automated email system
External Candidates: The Employment Team will check references and share the feedback
with the hiring supervisor prior to extending job offer.
Internal Candidates: The Hiring Supervisor should review the personnel file and check
references with current supervisor. All references must be documented utilizing the MDC
Reference Form. www.mdc.edu/hr/OnlineForms/phone_reference.pdf
The Employment Team will extend the salary offer to external candidates only and
coordinate with the hiring department a mutually agreed start date.
The Hiring Manager will extend the salary offer to internal candidates.
Salary Offer Process for
Support Non-Exempt (SNE)
Salary Offer Continued:
Once the candidate has accepted the salary offer, the Employment Department will
inform the candidate of the necessary steps in order to begin their Onboarding Process
(please refer to the onboarding process chart).
A member of the Employment Team will prepare the offer letter and send to the
candidate (copy to the Hiring Manager).
All employment offers are contingent upon a favorable background investigation as
stated in College Procedure 2125.
A member of the Employment Team will inform the candidate of the required background
check prior to their start date.
In the event that the employment standards were not met by the candidate's background
check, the Background Check Committee will notify hiring supervisors and the
applicant/employee that the standards were not met. At this point, the hiring supervisor
is to either select the number two candidate or request that a second pre-screening is
prepared. Note: Never provide names of HR Personnel to applicant for follow-up
regarding background check results.
A member of the Employment Team will prepare the RPA, scan and submit the fully
executed RPA to the Hiring Manager.
Request for Personnel Action
A member of the Employment Team will prepare/generate the RPA and submit a fully
executed copy to the Hiring Manager.
The Hiring Department will coordinate with Employment the submission of all the
“Required Online Documentation for New Employees” to Human Resources/Employment
Department for processing.
– Forms can be located via the follow link: https://www.mdc.edu/hr/OnlineForms/
Support Non-Exempt (SNE)
Ten (10) days after posting
– Employment Department pre-screens applications for Support Non-Exempt
Eleventh – Fifteenth (11th - 15th) day
– Employment Department forwards pre-screened applications to the Hiring Manager.
Hiring Manager (Days 16th – 26th)
– Hiring Manager must schedule interviews within ten (10) days from the receipt of the
pre-screened applicant pool.
Salary Offer Request (27th – 31st day)
– Hiring Manager must send a request for salary offer quote to the Employment
Final Step (34th day)
– Employment Department extends salary offer to the selected candidate.
(Business days reflected)
Step 1
Step 2
Personnel requisition
Step 3
Employment Department
reviews and processes.
Day 2
Step 5
Step 6
Position posted for
2 weeks
Recruiter screens and
provides hiring manager
with pool of qualified
candidates. (1st review)
Hiring manager schedules
(Interviewing status)
Day 3-12
Day 12-15
Day 15
Step 10
Hiring Manager requests
Salary quote via the Online
Applicant Tracking System.
If endorsement not given,
then“ step 6 “ begins again.
Day 19
Day 2
Step 7
Step 11
Human Resources conducts
reference check for external
candidates and shares results
With Hiring Manager, prior
to preparing the salary quote.
Note: For internal candidates,
hiring supervisor should review
personnel file and
conduct references & HR
Prepares salary quote.
Day 19-21
Step 8
Step 9
Interviews conducted
by hiring manager and 2
full time employees
Hiring Manager will obtain
endorsement from
administrative channels
Day 15-18
Step 12
Day 19
Step 13
Unacceptable reference check
Human Resources informs
hiring manager; submits
alternate candidate
or “step 6 begins again
Offer not accepted
Hiring manager is informed
and “ step 6 ” begins again.
Acceptable reference check
Human Resources informs manager
that offer will be made & discusses
start date. HR extends offer & forwards
offer letter with required documents link.
Offer accepted
Applicant referred to background
check and agrees to a start
date and hiring manager is informed
Day 21
Step 14
Step 15
Step 16
Once background has cleared
HR informs manager and
generates RPA. HR sends RPA
via email to hiring Supervisor
Welcome letter is sent
from College President.
Human Resources informs
new hire to report to HR for
Onboarding Process
And sends appointment
notice to new hire
Human Resources
prepares for Onboarding
day and creates New Hire
Onboarding folder
Day 23-27
Position posted
Employment team member
Budget approval
Day 1
Position requisition redesigned to include:
If SNE, then automatically assigned to Employment
team member.
Step 4
Day 21-22
Step 17
(Candidate is able, if necessary
to provide a 2-weeks notice to
current employer.)
New Hires 1st day of work
Onboarding Process
takes place.
Day 28-30
Day 31-37
Day 38-40