Sex. Lies. Surgery. Canada’s #1 summer drama SAVING HOPE is back for an
emotionally charged second season. A medical drama with a twist, Season 1 of
SAVING HOPE followed Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance), as she struggled to save the life
of her comatose fiancé, Chief of Surgery Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks). While in a
coma, Charlie found himself talking to the dead and nearly-dead – and it changed him,
as a man and as a doctor.
Now in Season 2, Charlie is awake and he's still seeing spirits. This season, Charlie
battles to free himself of his connection to the spirit world, as it threatens to destroy his
relationship with Alex, his career, and even his life. Meanwhile, the doctors of Hope Zion
Hospital, including new Chief of Staff Dr. Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies), continue to solve
medical mysteries, perform heroic surgeries, and navigate complicated – and racy relationships.
SAVING HOPE also stars 2013 Canadian Screen Award-winner Wendy Crewson
(REVENGE), Huse Madhavji (CALL ME FITZ), Julia Taylor-Ross (ROOKIE BLUE),
Kristopher Turner (THE LISTENER), Michelle Nolden (REPUBLIC OF DOYLE), and
Benjamin Ayres (LESS THAN KIND). This season also features Gemini Award-winning
actress Erin Karpluk (BEING ERICA), who joins SAVING HOPE for a recurring guest
starring role, playing a single mother and one of Dr. Joel Goran’s (Daniel Gillies)
Gemini-nominated actor Jason Priestley (CALL ME FITZ) and Gregory Smith (ROOKIE
BLUE) each direct an episode this season, joining directors David Wellington (THE
COMPLEX), Kelly Makin (FLASHPOINT), Ken Girotti (BOMB GIRLS), John Fawcett
(ORPHAN BLACK), and Jeff Woolnough (Jack). Writers this season include Morwyn
Brebner (ROOKIE BLUE), Adam Pettle (KING), Malcolm MacRury (CRASH AND
BURN, REPUBLIC OF DOYLE), John Krizanc (BOMB GIRLS), Noelle Carbone
(ROOKIE BLUE), Waneta Storms (HEMLOCK), and Aubrey Nealon (FLASHPOINT).
New this season, the doctors of Hope Zion Hospital examine the more personal and
less-explored side of their relationships in the digital companion series LAST CALL,
premiering on, the CTV App, and CTV Mobile following broadcast
episodes. LAST CALL follows the stories of the doctors as they confess their problems
and share secrets over drinks after their rounds.
SAVING HOPE is produced by Ilana C Frank Films Inc. (ICF Films) with Entertainment
One (eOne), in association with CTV.
ALEX REID (played by Erica Durance)
Dr. Alex Reid, the heart of Hope Zion, is back for Season 2 – this time with her fiancée,
Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) at her side. As a Senior General Surgery Resident,
Alex arrives back at the hospital eager to get back into the O.R. to the job she
absolutely loves. She’s looking to move on with Charlie and put their past behind them,
but their relationship is challenged as Charlie becomes more and more aloof over time.
To add to Alex’s tumultuous past year, Dr. Dawn Bell (Michelle Nolden) – Charlie’s exwife – is back working at Hope Zion and Dr. Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies) is now Alex’s
boss as Chief of Surgery. All the while, Alex tries to maintain focus on her career. She
struggles this season with finding her emotional boundaries with her patients – the
delicate balance between being an objective professional and a compassionate person.
There will be many personal and professional struggles for Alex this season as she
navigates her way through her job, and relationships.
JOEL GORAN (played by Daniel Gillies)
At the beginning of Season 2, we meet Dr. Joel Goran as the new Chief of Surgery at
Hope Zion Hospital. Feeling a bit out of his element in his new role, Joel still manages to
keep his charming, yet brash demeanour. As a superstar Orthopedic Surgeon, his
confidence was unshakable, but now as Chief, and with the added pressure of filling Dr.
Harris’ (Michael Shanks) shoes, it turns out Joel isn’t invincible. Personally, Joel tries to
put on the boyfriend hat with an ex-patient (Erin Karpluk, BEING ERICA), but his
feelings for Alex may get in the way. Season 2 offers a glimpse into a more vulnerable
Joel Goran, as he strives to be the best man he can be in both his personal and
professional life.
CHARLES (“CHARLIE”) HARRIS (played by Michael Shanks)
Hope Zion Hospital’s charismatic Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Charlie Harris, is awake and
back working in the O.R. where he belongs. Only problem is he’s still seeing spirits. His
coma has left a kind of connection open between this world and the next, and it’s a
secret Charlie has to keep. He can’t explain his ability to make uncanny diagnoses or
why he often seems to be talking to himself. Season 2 will beg the question – can
Charlie free himself of his connection to the spirit world? Does he even want to? He
could lose his license, and never operate again. His power is a mixed blessing; it gives
Charlie a rare insight into patients and a new perspective on what it means to heal
someone. But it also isolates him from everyone else especially, his fiancé, Dr. Alex
Reid (Erica Durance). The stakes of the spirit world are higher in Season 2 as Charlie’s
spirits threaten to destroy his relationship, his career, and even his life.
DANA KINNEY (played by Wendy Crewson)
This season, Dr. Dana Kinney is brought back to Hope Zion Hospital to work on a
special plastic surgery case. Joel (Daniel Gillies) recruits her from her posh plastic
surgery clinic to try and convince her that she belongs back at Hope Zion. Still stung
from losing her Chief of Surgery position to Joel, Dana resists returning to Hope Zion.
SHAHIR HAMZA (played by Huse Madhavji)
Season 2 finds our Aspie Neurosurgeon, Dr. Shahir Hamza, honing in on his people
skills. Shahir is digging a bit deeper this season, even recruiting some advice from his
fellow doctors on how he can better relate to his patients, as well as his colleagues. He
and Victor (Salvatore Antonio) are still spilt up, but must figure out a way to remain
professional and work together. Last Season, Shahir seemed less self-aware when he
found himself in conflicts with co-workers and patients, but this season, we find him
making an honest effort to try and bridge the social gap he’s been fighting his entire life:
to connect with others.
MAGGIE LIN (played by Julia Taylor-Ross)
Dr. Maggie Lin, now a Senior Surgical Resident and as smart as ever, has an intense
year ahead. After some deliberation, Maggie and Dr. Gavin Murphy (Kristopher Turner)
take the plunge and move in together. Her relationship with Gavin is solid and they
seem to be on the right track, but one big surprise will test the limits of this relationship.
GAVIN MURPHY (played by Kristopher Turner)
Now a Psychiatrist with his own office in the executive corridor, Season 2 sees Dr.
Gavin Murphy garnering more respect and being taken seriously by his Hope Zion
colleagues. Life is moving along well for Gavin, he’s even taken the next steps with
Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) in deciding to cohabitate and build a life together. But, when
a secret Maggie’s been concealing is revealed, he is faced with one of the greatest
feats of his life. It’ll take all of Gavin’s emotional strength to get through this season and
remain rational and steady.
DAWN BELL (played by Michelle Nolden)
This Season, Dr. Dawn Bell, Charlie’s ex-wife and respected cardiologist, re-joins the
surgical staff at Hope Zion Hospital and even has her eyes set on Joel’s (Daniel Gilles)
position as Chief of Surgery. Last Season, Dawn was constantly calling Alex’s (Erica
Durance) ability to make the right decisions for Charlie (Michael Shanks) into question.
This Season, Dawn zeros in on Alex’s abilities as a surgeon. As smart and conniving as
ever, Dawn is still trying to get in between Charlie and Alex.
TOM REYCRAFT (played by K.C. Collins)
Acting as though he’s above Alex (Erica Durance) and his fellow doctors, Senior
Surgical Resident Dr. Tom Reycraft is as opportunistic and arrogant as ever this
season. Reycraft will learn some hard lessons this season when he’s forced to deal with
the downside that comes along with being a rock star surgeon.
VICTOR REIS (played by Salvatore Antonio)
Ever the extroverted O.R. Nurse with the deadpan sense of humour, Victor Reis isn’t
letting the demise of his long term relationship with Shahir (Huse Madhavji) hinder his
mood. He’s as clever and on top of his game as ever this season, as he moves on from
their relationship and remains optimistic as to what may be on the horizon for himself
both professionally and personally.
ZACH MILLER (played by Ben Ayres)
Dr. Zach Miller returns to Hope Zion as a newly divorced man in Season 2. He’s
officially single, but still in shock from the demise of his marriage. Staying focused on
work in the busy E.R. is helping him remain grounded, but soon enough he’s forced to
face the truth: his ex-wife has moved on, and there is no room for false hope about
reuniting with her. Through the help of his colleagues, and patients, Zach is able to fully
accept his loss and move forward into the very scary and uncanny world of dating – with
a fellow Hope Zion doctor.
MELANDA TOLLIVER (played by Glenda Braganza)
This season, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Dr. Melanda Tolliver continues to oversee the
day-to-day care of Hope Zion Hospital’s most critically ill patients with both compassion
and a tough-as-nails attitude. Work keeps her busy and doesn’t offer her a lot of social
time, but this season Melanda decides to get a little closer with one of the doctors at
Hope Zion, as a friendship starts budding into something more.
JACKSON WADE (played by Joseph Pierre)
Last season, Jackson spent a lot of time in the ICU as Charlie’s main nurse. Now
Jackson is working alongside all the doctors at Hope Zion – and whether he’s assisting
in the E.R., O.R., or the ICU, Jackson brings a much-needed sense of levity wherever
he goes.
ERICA DURANCE as “Alex Reid”
Erica Durance is a producer and lead actress on CTV’s dynamic hit medical television
series SAVING HOPE. Many fans know her as Lois Lane from the series,
SMALLVILLE, which she completed after seven years on the show. Her many notable
guest appearances include Wonder Woman on HARRY’S LAW with Kathy Bates, and
Samantha Masters in CHARLIE’S ANGELS.
Her more recent film credits include her tour de force performance as twin sisters in the
Italian film Gemelle. In 2011, she was nominated for a Saturn Award and Teen Choice
Award for Best Actress for her work in SMALLVILLE. In 2012, Hello! Canada magazine
listed her as one of Canada’s 50 Most Beautiful People and Buddy TV ranked her #9 on
its TV’s 100 Sexist Women. Ms. Durance is a supporter of World Vision Canada.
Michael Shanks is best known for his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson in the hit series
STARGATE SG-1, for which he was nominated for both LEO and Saturn Awards for
best actor. He had a recurring role in the popular BURN NOTICE. Shanks also
appeared in the Emmy®-winning 24, the Hallmark MOWs LIVING OUT LOUT and
Other television credits include playing Charlie Harris on the hit CTV series SAVING
HOPE, playing Gordie Howe in the film Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story, as well as
guest-starring roles on CSI. MIAMI, STARGATE: ATLANTIS, and sci-fi series THE
OUTER LIMITS, among others. He also co-starred in the Emmy Award®-winning
William H. Macy telefilm, Door to Door, and the film adaptation of Jack London’s Call of
the Wild.
On the big screen Shanks can be seen in the highly anticipated Neill Blomkamp film
Elysium, starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.
DANIEL GILLIES as “Joel Goran”
Canadian-born, New Zealand raised actor Daniel Gillies is perhaps best known for his
role as Original Vampire “Elijah” on CTV’s THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. The success of the
show and Daniel’s story line have garnered the network a spin-off series entitled THE
ORIGINALS on which Daniel will star when the show premieres in the spring of 2013.
Gillies’ past television credits include TRUE BLOOD and THE GLADES. He also made
guest appearances on the much celebrated mini-series INTO THE WEST and NCIS, as
a British MI-6 agent. Other guest appearances include MASTERS OF HORRORS, and
Daniel has starred in such films as Bride and Prejudice, Spiderman 2 and Rolan Joffe’s
Captivity. Before coming to the U.S. Daniel starred in the hit New Zealand Television
Drama STREET LEGAL and was awarded Best Actor for his work in 1999. A veteran of
the theater, Daniel participated in over twenty plays professionally; including Julius
Caesar, Three Sisters, Long Day’s Journey into Night and The Judas Kiss. In 2006, he
played a lead in the International Festival darling THE SENSATION OF SIGHT,
alongside Academy Award® nominee David Strathairn. The following year, Gillies
started his own production company, Holy Monster.
Not only does Daniel enjoy being in front of the camera, he also enjoys writing and
directing. In 2010, he wrote and directed his first independent film, Broken Kingdom,
which won the Best Director Award and the Youth Jury Award for Best Feature Film at
the 2011 Rhode Island International Film Festival. Broken Kingdom also took home the
Avalon Feature Film Award at this year’s Catalina Film Festival. The film was shot in
Bogotá, Colombia and Los Angeles.
WENDY CREWSON as “Dana Kinney”
One of Canada’s premier actresses, Wendy Crewson has garnered critical and popular
acclaim, as well as multiple awards, for her extensive body of work in film and
television. Her filmography resume features more than 100 titles, including credits like
the indie feature, Sarah Polley’s Away From Her; the blockbuster Hollywood hit Air
Force One opposite Harrison Ford; the made-for-TV movie based on Margaret Atwood’s
THE ROBBER BRIDE, and the role of Dr. Anne Packard in multiple episodes of the hit
drama series 24, with Kiefer Sutherland. Along with recently appearing in Brandon
Cronenberg’s first feature, Antiviral, the movie Smilin’ Jack: The Jack Layton Story,
Wendy was most recently seen in the pilot, BEAUTY AND THE BEST, in a recurring
role on the hit television series REVENGE and as Dana Kinney on CTV’s hit drama
series SAVING HOPE, for which she won Best Actress in a Feature Supporting Role at
the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards.
Crewson’s many credits also include her Gemini winning performances in AT THE END
DOE, and THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF. She was also gave Gemini-nominated
performances in the television drama SEX TRAFFIC, and in the title role in the
MYSTERIES. She played in TWELVE MILE ROAD, opposite Tom Selleck.
A few of her big screen credits include The Santa Clause trilogy opposite Tim Allen; A
Home At The End Of The World, with Colin Farrell and Sissy Spacek; Renny Harlin’s
action thriller The Covenant; A Beginners Guide To Endings – which was a 2010
Toronto International Film Festival® selection also starring Harvey Keitel; the family
adventure Eight Below; The Clearing, with Robert Redford; Eduardo Ponti’s Between
Strangers, with Sophia Loren; The Last Brickmaker In America, with Sidney Poitier; BiCentennial Man with Robin Williams and The Sixth Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Crewson is also featured in the hit film The Vow with Rachel McAdams and Channing
Tatum, and played Mary Botha in the Winnie Mandela biopic Winnie, shot in South
Africa, alongside Jennifer Hudson and Terrance Howard; a Toronto International Film
Festival® selection in 2011.
HUSE MADHAVJI as “Shahir Hamza”
Husein Madhavji a.k.a. “Huse” is best known as the former face of Star! Canada’s
Entertainment Channel, and is quickly making a name for himself as a powerful actor in
the world of film and television. Huse was the feature reporter for UPN television’s
evening and morning shows covering the entire region from San Francisco to Lake
Tahoe. He then got a phone call from Star! (now E! Canada) and was offered to host
their flagship show called STAR! DAILY. As the face of STAR! he hosted numerous live
events such as The Star Schmooze, Canada’s New Years Eve Bash, Live At The Genie
Awards, and covering US President Obama’s election in Grant Park Chicago.
After leaving STAR!, Huse decided to go back to his creative roots to pursue acting on
film and stage. His television credits include CTV’s summer hit SAVING HOPE, the hit
comedy CALL ME FITZ alongside Jason Priestly, COMBAT HOSPITAL opposite Elias
Koteas and Michelle Borth, the drama THE BORDER, and the police procedural THE
BRIDGE. He also stared in the feature film crime drama Cold Blooded, opposite Ryan
Robbins and Zoie Palmer.
Julia Taylor Ross currently plays Dr. Maggie Lin on CTV’s SAVING HOPE. Among her
other credits are Silent House, the 2011 thriller with Elizabeth Olsen; ROOKIE BLUE;
Her stage credits include Iris and On The Verge at The New School, No Exit at 59 East
59 St. Theater, the title role in The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow at the W.H.A.T.
Stock Company on Cape Cod and Knock! and Lulu on the main stage at the prestigious
American Repertory Theater in Boston.
She is a 2010 graduate of The New School for Drama in New York and has a BA
degree in History of Art and Architecture from Harvard University. Julia Taylor Ross was
born in the UK, grew up in Hong Kong and lives in New York City.
Kristopher Turner previously starred in the Much Music television series THE L.A.
COMPLEX and CTV’s INSTANT STAR. He has also guest starred on such hit series’ as
MURDOCH MYSTERIES, and DARK ORACLE, as well as his Gemini nominated
performance as a Guest Star in the mini-series BLOODLETTING AND MIRACULOUS
His film and MOW credits include starring roles in: A Little Bit Zombie, Without A
Paddle: Nature’s Calling, the improvised feature A Wake, The Triumph of Dingus
McGraw, and Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, Old Fashioned Christmas. He was also
nominated for a Gemini as a Leading Actor for his performance in ME AND LUKE.
On stage, Kristopher has performed in the North American premiere of the play That
Face, as well as In Gabriel’s Kitchen, This Is Our Youth, Master Harold, and The Boys,
and received a Dora Nomination for his role in Two Weeks, Twice a Year.
Watch for Turner in the upcoming film Wingman Inc., due in late 2013.
Michelle Nolden’s resume boasts blockbuster and independent features as well as
critically acclaimed television projects, all of which have earned her an international
reputation. Recent feature films include Vincenzo Natali’s Haunter, Kimberly Peirce’s
Carrie, and Chuck Minsky’s Skating to New York, all set for release in 2013. She recurs
as the U.S. President in the hit series NIKITA as well as the Crown Attorney in
REPUBLIC OF DOYLE. She garnered great reviews as the lead in the series ZONE OF
SEPARATION, playing a tough edged United Nations Peacekeeper. In the critically
acclaimed movie entitled John A: Birth Of A Country, she donned a corset and Scottish
accent to play the wife of George Brown.
Features include The Time Travellers Wife, Red, Lucid and Show Me among others.
Nolden is regularly seen on the small screen with five seasons in the recurring role of
U.S. attorney Robin Brooks on NUM3ERS. Selected guest roles include COVERT
EVERWOOD, and CROSSING JORDAN. Nolden has been nominated for an ACTRA
award for her performance in the Canadian blockbuster Men with Brooms, as well as for
Gemini awards for her portrayal of Hadley Hemingway in HEMINGWAY VS.
CALLAGHAN, and a drug addicted mother in ROOKIE BLUE. She was a series regular
on the critically acclaimed series STREET TIME, where she co-starred with Rob Morrow
and Terrence Howard.
Nolden wrote and directed the short film Loonie, which was selected to screen at the
Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Atlantic Film Festivals among others. Both lead actors
were nominated for 2008 Actra Awards, as well as winning best short film for the NSI
Online Film Festival. She also wrote and directed A Man’s World and the documentary I
Need A Hero both currently in the Festival circuit. Nolden is the Artistic Director of the
Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival currently in its third year. She currently has
several projects in development with husband and producer Chris Szarka.
Episode 201: “I Watch Death”
Writer: Morwyn Brebner (ROOKIE BLUE)
Director: David Wellington (THE ELEVENTH HOUR, ROOKIE BLUE)
Short Synopsis: Alex and Charlie are caught in the middle of a shooting on their way
into their first shift back at Hope Zion Hospital. It’s all hands on deck when the victims of
the shooting end up at Hope Zion. While in the midst of the shooting commotion, Alex
treats a bullied teenager and deals with her own emotions with everything that’s
happened in the past year of her life.
Long Synopsis:
On their way to their first shift since their vacation, Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance) and
Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) are caught in the middle of shooting. They quickly
attend to the victims and arrive back at Hope Zion – for Charlie’s first shift back since
being in his coma. Charlie is ready to get back into his scrubs and into the O.R. to start
saving lives, as Alex is quickly swept away to deal with a suicidal teen girl, and her own
conflicting feelings surrounding a person’s will to live. Through compassion and
understanding, Alex saves the girl’s life, giving her a second chance. In another O.R.,
Joel (Daniel Gillies), who is now Chief of Surgery, works alongside Dawn (Michelle
Nolden) to perform an intense surgery on a woman with a travelling bullet in her from
the shooting. Meanwhile, Charlie is caught off guard when he quickly realizes that he’s
still able to see his patient’s spirits once he’s back in Hope Zion – a fallout from being in
his coma. Charlie still has the capability to help his victim’s spirit in order for them to be
released from their liminal state – something he was not prepared to deal with. It’s an
emotional and action packed first day back, where at the end of the day, Alex and
Charlie are feeling pretty lucky to be alive and together.
Guest Stars: Erin Karpluk (BEING ERICA) and Jonas Chernick (DEGRASSI: THE
Episode 202: “Little Piggies”
Writer: Adam Pettle (ROOKIE BLUE)
Short Synopsis: Alex must learn to stick up for herself and not be intimidated by Dawn
(Charlie’s ex-wife) in order to work alongside her and perform a minimally invasive heart
procedure to save a patient’s life. Meanwhile, Joel unlocks a mystery to a young girl’s
disease whilst getting some advice from Charlie, who is trying to figure out how to help
his comatose patient come back from being a spirit. It’s a week of defying the odds at
Hope Zion.
Long Synopsis:
Alex (Erica Durance) is taking a cardiac course in the pig lab, led by Dawn (Michelle
Nolden), when her nerves end up getting the best of her. Dawn is quick to capitalize on
the opportunity to call Alex out, which doesn’t set them off straight for the rest of the
episode. It’s only when they end up sharing a patient with cardiac problems that Alex
must swallow her pride, be the better person, and figure out how she can not only work
with Dawn – but learn from her as well, for the interest of their patient. Similarly, Joel
(Daniel Gillies) finds himself still learning to tread water as Chief of Surgery at Hope
Zion Hospital. At first, his ego wins out, but near the end Joel looks to Charlie (Michael
Shanks) for advice on a patient with an extremely rare bone disease. Meanwhile,
Charlie connects with a comatose patient who is seemingly never waking up. Through
dealing with the patient’s spirit and getting some helpful advice from Gavin (Kristopher
Turner), Charlie helps his patient beat all odds.
Guest Stars: Daniel Kash (AGAINST THE WALL), Joel Keller (MEN WITH
BROOMS), Rick Miller (CANADIAN MADE), Siobhan Murphy (ROOKIE BLUE),
Stefani Kimber (ROOKIE BLUE) and Tammy Isbell (OVERRULED!)
Episode 203: “Why Waste Time”
Story by: Greg Nelson (ROOKIE BLUE, THE BORDER)
Teleplay by: Waneta Storms (THE ELEVENTH HOUR)
Short Synopsis: Alex is trying to get her life back to normal with Charlie and at Hope
Zion Hosital – but with Charlie’s head in the clouds and the pressure to find her medical
niche – she’s struggling. Inspiration comes in the form of an immigrant doctor who
needs Alex to save his wife’s life, and in return, helps her find her calling.
Long Synopsis:
Feeling like she’s falling behind in her career, Alex (Erica Durance) buys into the
Reycraft-you-need-a-specialty approach and vows to find her niche. But when a woman
with a stabbing trauma comes into the ER, Alex must work with her husband (an
immigrant doctor) to save her life. Alex learns from him that the gadgets and the
fellowships are never more important than the people you save. Meanwhile, Charlie
(Michael Shanks) is dealing with a patient who has a huge secret he reveals to Charlie
in the liminal space – he’s got two wives. Charlie convinces him to come clean to his
families, even if the results are disastrous. But the fallout of his patient’s lies can’t help
but act as a cautionary tale to Charlie when it comes to revealing his own secret to Alex.
On the admin front, Joel (Daniel Gillies) proves himself as Chief.