Course on Advanced Bacteriology Spring 2017 (March-May)

Advanced Bacteriology
Spring 2017 (March-May)
Spring and
2017 Thursdays
Lectures Tuesdays
at 15.00 – 16.00
Lectures Tuesdays and Thursdays at 15.00 – 16.00
ICT-building, Joukahaisenkatu 3-5, Turku
halls Lambda*,
Beta** and3-5
Lecture halls Lambda*, Beta** and B2033***
Image: National Geographic, Martin Oeggerli
Course description: A lecture-based course to advance the participant’s knowledge of various aspects of
bacteriology including basic research as well as methodological and clinical aspects. Lectures (60 min)
and an essay on a topic selected by the course organizers.
Eligibility: PhD students enlisted in doctoral programs, medical students, dental students and biomedical
students. The course is also available for other interested students. The participants should have earlier
taken a basic course on bacteriology and/or have some other knowledge in bacteriology.
ECT points to be earned: 2 (two) ECT points (for graduate as well as post-graduate studies)
Registration: - PGS_1758
Course organizers: Prof. Jaana Vuopio, Docent Jukka Hytönen and Docent Arto Pulliainen
21.3.* Introduction of the course: Course organizers
Methodological aspects of research on gut
microbiota: Arno Hänninen
28.3.* Antimicrobial resistance mechanisms of enteric
pathogens - focus on fluoroquinolone
resistance: Antti Hakanen and Marianne
30.3.** Lyme borreliosis - a comprehensive approach:
Jukka Hytönen
4.4.** Host-microbe interaction - role of
carbohydrates as bacterial adhesion receptors:
Sauli Haataja
6.4.*** Pertussis returns in immunized population pathogen adaptation and waning immunity:
Qiushui He
11.4.* Bacterial adhesion in the oral cavity:
Vuokko Loimaranta
18.4.* Cyanobacteria - sustainable energy production
via synthetic biology: Pauli Kallio
20.4.* Interkingdom signalling between bacteria
and host: Riikka Ihalin
25.4.* Biosynthesis of microbial natural products how Streptomyces bacteria make more than
half of the antibiotics in clinical use: Mikko
27.4.* Gut microbiota in obesity and metabolic
disorders - from analysis and associations to
mechanisms: Satu Pekkala and Eveliina
Perturbation of host cell signaling by
bacterial pathogens: Arto Pulliainen
Transposons and genome-wide insertion
mutant libraries as tools in functional
genomics of microbes: Harri Savilahti
18.5.* Whole genome sequencing in AMR
surveillance: Jari Jalava
23.5.** Disease burden of streptococcal diseases:
Kirsi Gröndahl-Yli-Hannuksela and Jaana