Terms and Conditions

All active participants are required to complete and submit the official registration form and pay an official entry fee.
The different attendance fees are listed in our ‘Registration Structure and Policy’ Document. Please review the
document for further details.
Payment and Refunds:
Following registration confirmation, all candidates have 5 working days to pay attendance charges at Edopia (58,
Embassy Road, G-6/3, Islamabad). Failure to pay attendance charges within the allotted time will result in
cancellation of the candidate’s registration.
Please note that the registration fee will not be refunded if a candidate changes his/her mind about participating in
the event. Refunds will be provided in the event of sudden event cancellation.
Admission Policy:
A prior Online Registration (either remotely or at the School premises) is a pre-requisite for all candidates wishing to
participate in Leadathon 2015. No walk-ins will be entertained at the day of the conference.
Registration Deadline:
All those wishing to register for Leadathon 2015 are required to do so before the registration deadline, i.e. 19th
April, 2015.
Behavior Policy
Event coordinators at Leadathon 2015 reserve the right to refuse admission to any sessions if a participant or
his/her mentor’s behavior jeopardizes the safety or learning of other active participants, staff or Leadathon 2015
representatives. No refund will be forthcoming nor will the Certificate of Attendance be issued.
Certification Policy
Certificates of attendance will be issued only to participants who attend all scheduled sessions throughout the
Leadathon. Within a week after the event, mentors will be notified via email upon which they can visit the Edopia
premises at their earliest convenience to collect the certificates of attendance.
Prizes for achievement during Leadathon 2015 will be awarded at the closing ceremony of the conference.
There is an implied consent that the personal data provided* to Leadathon 15 representatives is correct. There is
also an implied consent that the active participants allow the organizers to process the given data for registration
purposes. All active participants must understand that this information may be made available to representatives
and agents working with the organizers to host the Leadathon.
* For every participant: first name, last name, e-mail address, contact details, identification information, tracking of
all actions performed in the online registration system, record of any communication sent from Leadathon 2015
[relevant medical details /information relating to a disability of which Leadathon organizers should be aware, to
enable Leadathon organizers to ensure each participant can attend and participate at the conference].
* For schools: school contact, school status, school code, invoices and payment status.
All personnel involved with LEADATHON 2015 commit to staying constantly vigilant and extremely conscious on all
matters regarding the safety and security of your child. The management accepts responsibility for providing a safe
environment and basic first aid for all present at the conference and all active participants and observers are
expected to take responsibility for performing work in accordance with safe standards and practices provided by the
Host Team.
The LEADATHON 2015 organizers, representatives and agents are not responsible or liable for the safety and
property of active participants or their companions, nor for any financial losses incurred if events are cancelled due
to reasons beyond LEADATHON 2015.
In case of any unforeseen accidents, terrorist/political activities, natural calamities or acts of God beyond the control
of LEADATHON 2015 organizers, the LEADATHON 2015 management and representatives will not be held
Travelling to and from the conference shall take place under the participants’ sole responsibility. The LEADATHON
2015 organizers cannot be held responsible for any disturbance that occurs en route to or outside the premises of
Edopia. Only legal guardians, who have their names registered with the conference will be allowed to pick up the
children. If anyone other than the parents is coming to pick up the child, he/she must carry a letter of authorization
signed by the parents. For School Teams, the Mentor will be responsible for monitoring the pick-up for all Team
Any disputes arising with respect to or in connection with the registration and participation in this event shall be
finally settled by one arbitrator in accordance with the regulations set forth by LEADATHON 2015 organizers and