Question-Mark Blinking Problem When Macbook Is Turned On

Question-Mark Blinking Problem When Macbook Is Turned On
One of my favorite as it has a sleek body and lustrous look which can be admired by anyone who will a glimpse at it.
It has a dynamic color quality which gives the brightest resolution on the screen. Light in weight, easy to carry,
stronger than before, smooth touch, a long strip inside the keyboard to have immediate access to the options you wish
to, are few more attributes combined in it. The function keys are replaced with touch bar, gives different emojis and
predictable text, portable, unlike laptops of other companies it gives high performance, great pace, and wonderful
image quality as if real. The more traits can be looked upon at MacBook Support.
You might have come across such an issue where question mark must be blinking when you turn on
your system. The reason could be any among those given below or a possibility of another also:
1. Corrupt operating system- Boot the OS CD or go to disk utility and fix the problem. Checking Alsoft’s
DiskWarrior can also help. Otherwise, reinstall OS and before that clear your hard drive.
2. Poor hard drive- If it is ruined, change it and buy a new one. Your data might not be shown at regular intervals
and will make irritating noise when beginning. Functioning but making noises means you need to backup your data by
replacing it.
3. The lousy cable of a hard drive- It works poorly usually on 13” version and seldom on other models. In MBP
model of mid-2012, buying a new wire would be beneficial as it is cost effective and can easily be changed.
4. RAM is not sufficient- This could be the most often reason that device doesn’t work if RAM is less. Either
install more RAM or go back to the older OS.
Still, the error is persisting, move ahead towards AppleTechnical Support Number 1800-817-695 and sort out
your query anytime anywhere.
The experts sitting there will assure to resolve your ordeal within a quick span of time by offering probable remedies.
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