Do You Want To Be An Apple Fanboy Or An Android Geek

The year 2017 is the year when smart phones are at a
peak. We have almost reached a saturation point where
most of the flagship phones by Samsung, Google, Apple
and many others have similar features. We have brands
like the Oneplus which offers the same features for an
even lesser price.
However, a closer look shows that there are a multitude of
differences. If you are looking for a new mobile this
Diwali, take a look at some factors which may help you
decide whether an iPhone or Android is right for you.
Hardware is a key factor of difference between android phones &
Apple makes all the decisions over the hardware and design choices
in the iphone. That results in better quality and less overheating and
other hardware issues. Moreover Apple charges a premium price for
its products, which gives the customer a direct option to replace the
product immediately if he faces any issues with apple products.
On the other side of the wall, Google gives out its Android OS to
OEM’s, including Samsung, LG, Motorola, and many others. As a
result android phones tend to vary in size, design and quality as we
move from one brand to the next. However they cannot match the
Samsung or LG flagships. Android phones do offer variety, which
many prefer over the simple but elegant iphone.
Apple’s IOS is a very stable ecosystem, and is constantly updated
and optimized for all the Apple devices. Even the old iphone 5s runs
the IOS 10 pretty smoothly. Such is not the case for an android
phone. Google generally releases its latest and greatest update for
its Pixel devices. The rest of the android devices which are made by
other manufacturers, need to wait for a stable update to be
released by the OEM. This results in slow updates and an uneven
ecosystem. An additional thing to keep in mind is that, Google
devices like the pixel offer a smooth stock android, whereas other
OEM’s generally have a custom OS, based on android which may
vary from what Google offers in its mobile phones.
Mobile phone companies are gearing the users towards more AI
interaction with their mobile phones. Google Assistant is currently
the most prominent artificial intelligence which acts as assistant
system on android devices. Google assistant uses all the knowledge
Google has to cater to your requests. The latest version enables you
to have a conversation with it about nearby places or about various
topics, instead of just giving simple voice commands for setting an
alarm or a reminder
Apple’s version of an assistant is known as Siri. Apple has updated
Siri to match Google assistant’s standards, but it still can manage
simple tasks, and doesn’t feel as natural as the conversation you can
have with the Google assistant.
Battery is where; the android phone is a clear winner, due to
massive batteries and fast charging capabilities in most android
devices. The old iphone had incredibly smaller batteries which
struggled to run even for a day with heavy usage. The iphones have
recently started to make bigger devices with fairly bigger batteries.
A used iphone always sells for a higher price than an android phone
due to Apple’s superior branding. A Samsung flagship would sell for
a considerably lesser price. Last year’s Galaxy S7 can be found
online for a price as low as Rs. 27000. If you pick up an iphone, you
can always exchange it for a better value.
An iphone or an android just comes down to perception and
personal choices.
Different features amounts to various feelings in different people.
Some people will value hardware while others will care more about
battery life or mobile gaming. The best way to go about it is to
consider a few of the above points and decide which mobile would
suit your needs.