Process of Scanning Receipts in QuickBooks

Process of Scanning Receipts in
What is the purpose of scanning? To save the information digitally instead of on paper. Yes, scanning
has an advantage of avoiding the paper waste and reducing the clutter by saving the information
electronically. It also allows the user to add more details in the transactions into the QuickBooks
software. The correct procedure of document scanning depends on the type of scanner the user is
Go through the below instructions for starting with the
scanning process:
a. According to manufacturer’s instructions, install the scanner. You might have to install driver
software as well for controlling the scanner from your computer system.
b. Enter the details of your transactions in the QBs software. You need to attach receipt as an
attachment with the transaction. You can also attach the receipts for invoices, customer
deposits, credit card charges, bill payments and for almost all the other income and expenses
c. For getting the scan settings configuration window, tap on ‘Attach’ option. You will get the
selections according to the type of scanner you are using for several formatting options as well
as paper sizes. Within the list of document types, choose ‘Receipt’ and then set the options
which fits according to your needs as well as size of the receipt. You can also decide whether
you want scanning on either both sides or one side of receipt.
d. Once you are done with scan configuration setting up press ‘Scan Now’. According to your
chosen configuration settings, your scanner will save the receipt in the software.
e. You can also direct the device to save a copy of receipt in other location along with the
accounting software. You will find an icon similar to paper once the scan is completed you
indicating that transaction has an attached document.
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