How To Solve Scanner Issues When Scanning Using Adobe Acrobat

How To Solve Scanner Issues When
Scanning Using Adobe Acrobat?
In this blog, you’ll learn the troubleshooting tasks to get rid of scanning issues using
Adobe Acrobat. But before moving ahead to the solution, change Data Transfer
method from Memory mode to Native mode under scanner options.
Now, follow the given steps:
1. Confirm the scanner working by scanning in another program.
 Use the same settings that failed with Adobe Acrobat and try to scan in
another application.
2. Scan using Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
 Instead of TWAIN (Windows XP only) use WIA as Acrobat supports its
drivers. If in case, your scanner supports both drivers then also select WIA
driver from the Device menu in the Create PDF from Scanner dialog box.
3. Install the latest Scanner driver
 The problem may be because of TWAIN file is corrupted. If it is damaged
or missing then Acrobat shows an error message when trying to open its
interface. Reinstalling the drivers fixes many issues and also replaces the
TWAIN file.
 Delete the entire twain files and folders in the Windows.
 Restart the windows and then reinstall the latest scanner driver.
Reboot the system with startup items disabled.
Some programs run while starting the system and cause problems with Adobe
Acrobat. So, disable all other running applications before starting Acrobat. To do
 Close all applications, click Start button and then Run.
 Type msconfig in the empty box and hit Enter key.
 Navigate to Startup tab and then click Disable All.
 Select OK button and then restart the Windows.
Rescan the image using a different color mode.
Sometimes the problem occurs because of scanning in the same color mode.
Use a different color mode to scan into Adobe Acrobat.
Define the image size in the preview panel of the scanner software.
 Check the dimensions of the scanned image. You can take help from the
documentation included with the scanner.
Scan the image as TIFF file.
 Drag the TIFF file into the Adobe Acrobat icon.
 Now, open the application, go to File menu and then click Create PDF.
 From File menu select the TIFF file and click top open it.
 Now, print the TIFF file to the Adobe PDF Printer in the scanner
Perform all these steps to troubleshoot this issue. If the problem persists or to clear
any doubt, call us at Adobe Support Number Australia +61-730674884 and get the
reliable solutions for the issues raised in this program. We are available round the
clock to help you in a better way. The technicians are available to solve the technical
errors under a time limit. Don’t worry about any sort of issue until we are present. Just
make a single call and eliminate all the troubles.
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