Mobile App Development Trends to Watch out in Singapore

Mobile apps have become a rage almost all across the world. Businesses of all
magnitudes have their mobile apps ready to be used and marketed in the digital
world. Mobile app development in Singapore is something the world is looking
up. Many markets globally look up to developers and web design companies
bases in Singapore for the trends and fate of mobile app development.
Wearables and IOT apps are going to play a role in the mobile app development
scene in Singapore
Wearables are on the rise and have made a strong foothold in Singapore. The use of
Apple watch and Microsoft’s Hololens and Google glasses have become quite
common among people in Singapore. Singapore is a vibrant country and people keep
looking for something new interesting from eh tech world. Thus new wearable and
Internet of things that can be controlled and operated via these wearables will be
ruling the scenario of app development in Singapore in the next few years.
M- Commerce will take over E-Commerce
Technology changes do give a few indications before they actually become a reality.
The advent of mobile money wallets on the web has created an altogether different
scenario in terms of the business transactions people used to undertake in the past.
Consumers today are looking forward to a one click buy option where they just need
to click on the buy button and the whole process of paying money, order
confirmation and address confirmation is completed then and there. People don’t
even want to switch on their mobiles of PC’s and prefer to use their phones instead.
M- Commerce is surely going to pose a big challenge to the ways and processes that
are ruling the virtual commercial world right now.
Innovative Design and a unique mobile experience is what Singapore wants to
Designing of Mobile apps in a way that they are able to catch the attention, retain
interest and provide value to the end user will be having the last laugh. Mobile apps
being churned off the mill from design factories don’t even stand a chance of
surviving the market for more than three months. Design companies investing time
and resources on innovative designs and providing a unique mobile experience to
their end users are proving to the saving face for their clients in the long run.
App streaming will be a reality
Hardware breakdowns leave people paralyzed and frustrated. Designers and
developers need to gear up for app streaming since it is the future and reality of
mobile apps in future. Lack of space being the major issue cited by people who need
to abandon their favorite apps from their phones, app streaming will be one big
solution for them. App developers will be able to deliver customized experience to
their target audience based on their needs and preferences.
High speed internet which is already s reality in Singapore is the only basic
requirement for app streaming. Quite a few app development companies have
already started their R&D in this direction and very soon you will not have a single
mobile app on your smart phone since all of them are going to be streamed live for
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