What sets xerve apart?

What sets xerve apart?
Listed as India’s no.1 buying assistant , Xerve.in has been
successful in being one of the leading online aggregators . It's a
one-stop platform that exhibits the best buys and showcases real
-time updates on coupons, discounts, and launches of various
products and services.
Comparing products and services from online and offline
sellers for personal and business needs is a tedious task. This
‘saving destination’ eliminates the need of browsing through
various online sites to find the best price. This comes with an
added benefit of cashback on every purchase made. Visit this
one-stop-shop and save time and effort !
Xerve.in also provides an interactive platform for the offline B2B
and B2C sellers to engage with their customers. This ranges in
multiple categories from products like Beauty & Personal Care,
Electronics, Fashion & Lifestyle, Grocery & Gourmet Food,
Mobiles & Tablets etc. to services like Architecture & Interior
Design, Events & Parties, Recharges & Bill Payments,
Restaurants & Pubs, Travel & Hotels . With such diversity, it
also deals with B2B services like industrial supplies to
manufacturing and packaging.
Key points - Xerve's Core Services are :
Discovery and Comparison of Selection,
Availability and Real-Time Prices at Online & Nearby Sellers
Aggregation of Offers, Coupons, Cashback, Launches and
Super-Genie for Instant- Info, Quotes & Exclusive Deals from
What sets it apart ?
The core services being discovery and comparison,
aggregation of offers, coupons and cashback, it stands out by
offering additional perks like Product finder and xerve genie .
Xerve provides an extension that includes these two unique
features and it’s time to find the best fit for cheap prices.
What’s notable here is the Product finder which is quirky in its
own way. I can bet you have never come across a feature where
you can easily compare to get the best product at the best price.
How it works?
It is best used if you’ve been eyeing a product, be it clothes,
accessories or electronics. You would get tired searching for the
right product on all possible sites and then try and compare them
across all the other websites. This is your one-stop solution that
helps you discover similar products and browse the price
comparisons as well.
Drag and drop : This remarkable feature shows all the
similar products and the best price comparison from different
brands to make the perfect choice. Just select the product and
drag it into the extension popup. Similar products across brands
and websites are displayed on the board instantly . This helps in
viewing all these products at the same time, on the same
platform be it from Flipkart, Amazon, jabong or most well known
shopping websites.
Browsing on facebook or any other site and you come
across a picture which contains a product or a design
which you had been searching for?
Stop obsessing over it, just drag and drop to find similar
products with fabulous deals to impress your friends with
the best buys in town!!
“Xerve genie” : WHAT'S YOUR WISH TODAY ?
As the name suggests, xerve genie grants great deals as per
your wish where you get to compare, save, and buy! Furthermore,
it serves not just retail customers but also businesses.
Genie provides the ‘best value for money’ deals according to
the customers budget and location. This platform also enables
the customers to have a direct communication with the suppliers,
giving them an insight about the nearby deals available catering
to their price range and requirements. This genie feature is
mainly used for discovering good deals in fashion products,
restaurant & cafe deals, pubs and lounge deals, electronics,
furniture and the range continues.
Talking about providing deals for B2Bs, wish for anything and
get bestowed with the best options. Select the vendor who fits
your requirement perfectly, ranging from tangible products like
industrial supplies or raw materials to services like web-designing
or staffing.
Wish, Convert and Connect to all sellers easily!
To put it differently, Save extra on each and every