Why is Diagnostic Imaging Market witnessing Significant Demand in the Global Market During 2012 - 2018

This market research report titled ‘Diagnostic Imaging Market - Global Industry Size, Share,
Trends, Analysis And Forecasts 2012 – 2018’ predicts the projected growth rate of diagnostic
imaging technologies. The report constitutes an executive summary outlining the current and
projected landscape of the diagnostic imaging technologies market. The report segments the market
based on techniques such as CT scan, X-rays, and MRI, as well as geographical markets such as
Asia Pacific, United States, Europe and Rest of the World. Each of the technologies mentioned
previous is analyzed closely to reveal the emerging trends and opportunities for growth. Threats and
regulatory restrictions, if any, are stated as well. The report provides recommendations for growth,
proving to be a valuable market research resource for new entrants and established players alike.
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Our seasoned market research analysts undertake an assessment of the growth drivers and
inhibitors, while bringing accurate market values in USD million. The report also highlights the
regulatory environment that has a considerable impact on the diagnostics imaging market.
This report gives you access to comprehensive analytics based on Porter’s five forces model. It
features a market attractiveness analysis and an assessment of the value chain of the diagnostics
imaging market. This report and the market analytics herein are the result of extensive primary and
secondary research efforts.
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Medical practitioners are making extensive use of diagnostic imaging technologies to examine
patients and establish their exact medical conditions. The use of diagnostic imaging techniques such
as MRI, X-ray, and CT scan has been growing over the last two decades. These imaging
technologies are painless and offer rapid diagnosis, making them a popular option for patients and
doctors alike. There has been a growing awareness pertaining to preventative care, and people are
undergoing check-ups at regular intervals to assess their health. This has resulted in a growing
demand for diagnostic techniques and services in general and for imaging diagnostics in particular.
A burgeoning aging population is yet another factor that has brought about a growth in diagnostics
imaging. As the incidence of cardiovascular diseases rises, it will fuel a further demand for
diagnostics imaging technologies.
The most widely used imaging technology for diagnostics is X-ray, whereas ultrasound
technologies come a close second. A key area that needs to be addressed by market players is how
they can make these techniques even more safe, patient-friendly, and convenient. Mitigating the
perceived risks associated with techniques such as X-rays, and implementing sustainable practices
is yet another area that presents opportunities.
On the other hand, analysts expect that the high cost of such diagnostic techniques coupled with
poor health insurance coverage and saturation in the developed world will inhibit growth to some
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Companies Mentioned
Phillips, GE and Siemens are among the key market players mentioned in the diagnostics imaging
market report.
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