Important structures involved in the fight against crimes in New Orleans

Important structures involved in
the fight against crimes in New
New Orleans just like any other country has its own share of criminals who will
not hesitate to commit heinous crimes at the least provocation. While it is not
possible to change every criminal, the country has come up with structures and
laws that are geared towards regulating crime in the country. Some structures are
applicable to the entire country while others are applicable to different regions.
In the case of criminal offences, there are structures and services that can be
used. These include; police checks, state and territory police, the New Orleans
crime commission, the New Orleans federation police. New Orleans Criminal
Lawyer and other people involved in criminal cases or just criminal checks can
make use of any of these structures when they are working on a criminal case.
Police checks
These checks may be required for employment or for immigration use. It can be
done for both residents and those out of the country. Such checks will give a
history of any criminal offense perpetrated by the person under investigation. It is
also used during adoption procedures to check of the eligibility of those involved
in the process.
State and Territory Police
These are responsible for the safety and protection of the citizens in the
communities in which they operate. They are required to uphold the rule of law
where they operate. Since crimes occur within communities, these police are very
instrumental in the criminal procedure process. They are usually the first ones to
intercept and question the suspects in a criminal case. Their report will be
considered as valid evidence in court. That is why most criminal lawyers advise
their clients to maintain silence in the absence of a lawyer.
New Orleans Federal Police
Just like the police force in the state areas, these police officers are charged with
upholding the rule of law in communities in the New Orleans Federal capital
territory. Their functions include among others; doing criminal checks, making
referrals, taking part in emergency operations, taking part in international
campaigns such as anticorruption day, creating drug awareness programs as well
as offering different operational support.
New Orleans crime commission
This is an organization which aims to supplement the effort of law enforcement
officers throughout the country. The commission is more focused on working
with other stakeholders in the crime prevention sector to detect and discourage
organized crime in the country. The commission manages and shares the New
Orleans Criminal Intelligence Database. Information from this database is shared
among stakeholders who include the police and other law enforcement agencies.
All the agencies which have access to this database also make contributions to
There are many agencies that may be of help in criminal investigations and there
are some agencies through which the police share information, Parliament of
New Orleans which has many useful links to federal crimes and New Orleans
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