Learn to Send Content from Mac Using Airdrop

Learn to send content from Mac using
You can send images, videos, websites, locations and more to a nearby iPad, iPod touch, iPhone
or Mac. MacBook Support would like to make you aware about the things you require. Make
sure that both the devices use the titular program:
o On Mac Computer, from the menu choose ‘Go in the finder’. If this menu consists of
AirDrop, that Mac can use it.
o On iOS Devices, go to Control Center by swiping from the bottom. If AirDrop is seen,
that iOS Device can use it.
Perform the following steps to turn on and set up AirDrop on Mac computers:
Click Go and select AirDrop from the menu in the search box. A window will appear, if
the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is disabled here, you will see a button to turn it on. When
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on AirDrop turns on automatically.
You can use “Allow me to be discovered by” setting to get files from everyone instead of
only those in your Contacts app at the bottom of the screen.
On iOS Devices:
Go to Control Center.
Select AirDrop and then chose whether to receive an item from only people in your
Contacts app or everyone.
Send Items:
Go to AirDrop window and nearby users of the same program can be seen here.
Drag one or more items to the recipient’s image on the window and then hit the Send
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