How Warrantech Differentiates Itself From The Competition To Help Your Business

How Warrantech Differentiates Itself From The
Competition To Help Your Business
One of the core strengths of AmTrust (Warrantech’s parent company), and a major
reason why AmTrust was recently ranked as one of Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing
Companies, is the scalability of the our infrastructure. Rapid expansion capability is
a hallmark of AmTrust and woven into the fabric of the company. Over the past 10
years, AmTrust has successfully integrated more than 2,700 new client programs
and completed over 40 acquisitions.
Proficient Project Management
A skilled team of project managers effectively facilitates the integration process
using proven methods to implement new programs and meld new companies into
the Warrantech ecosystem. Each transaction poses unique program integration
challenges, but our project managers collaborate with the various business teams to
accomplish the desired results.
Built-in Expandability Warrantech
maintains facility space and IT resources solely for new programs and implementations.
We have the ability to add significant resources to facilitate your business and can do so
in a rapid manner.
Skilled Workforce
Warrantech is adept at quickly amassing its workforce to accommodate new programs.
Our Dallas, Texas location affords us access to a dynamic and highly trained workforce.
Coupled with robust systems and training programs, Warrantech ensures rapid
deployment of new, skilled personnel.
Multiple Product Options
Warrantech maintains “off-the-shelf” products and programs for speed to market, but is
equally adept at customizing programs specifically to meet each client’s needs. We are
also able to work with each partner’s existing products, if desired.
Customer Service & Claims Adjudication
Warrantech firmly believes that service excellence is the cornerstone of any successful
extended service contract program. The service standards and customer experience are
mutually established with each of our clients during the implementation phase so that
our service team can act as an extension of our clients.
Finance & Accounting
Warrantech has a sophisticated accounting structure and employs very experienced
financial professionals. The organization uses the Oracle General Ledger System, which
provides tools for effective management control and real-time visibility to financial
results. Our accounting and financial statements are audited by the accounting firm of
BDO USA, LLP. Relevant parent company financial information is filed as required with
the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our program-specific reporting capabilities
enhance the overall management and administration of a program by using standard,
custom and ad hoc reports to drive strong decision making and provide full transparency.
We are compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI and maintain our SSAE16 certification.
Marketing Development
Warrantech employs a full-time, dedicated service contract marketing team.
We also leverage third-party expertise to ensure that we are constantly providing robust
marketing materials and strategies for our clients. This team is well versed in
coordinating with the internal departments of our clients to ensure that all marketing
requirements and brand standards are maintained. Missed Point of Sale/Renewal
Marketing We employ a direct marketing team to capture opportunities that were
missed at the point of sale by targeting prospects through personalized mail, Internet
and/or telemarketing campaigns—all designed in conjunction with our partners. This
team also manages our renewal program, which offers customers extended coverage
and flexible payment terms, while providing additional revenue and brand loyalty to our
Training & Field Services
Depending on each client’s needs, our training staff has the ability to build a custom field
support program focused on:
• Internal program training: to ensure all of the Warrantech individuals assigned to this
program have a full understanding and expertise with your culture and philosophy, the
products and systems, sales and marketing approach, and customer experience
standards. This training would be required before any individual would be permitted to
touch any part of your program.
• Retail store and management training: to provide customized training, best
practices, information on the products and systems, and general sales development.
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can best support your business.