Travel Insurance

Smart ways to save money on
your travel insurance
Travel insurance, while being an extremely important and
necessary addition to your travel can become quite a costly
experience for many, who don’t have an appropriate knowledge
on how insurances can be combined together or how they
generally work. This can also be true for insurance covers which
basically depends on several factors, including the values you
carry with yourself, the destination you are travelling to and
your age. However, there are some smart ways to go around all
the great offers and find what you are really looking for. Let’s
help you out with a few useful trips before you commit yourself
to any travel insurance.
1. Use comparison websites to find out which travel insurance
Surrey Company would work the best for you. The first step
for this is to register at a comparison website and ask for a
quote through them. There are several websites focusing on
insurance comparison therefore it will be an easy task to
perform and you can instantly get quotes from multiple
insurance companies, without actually committing yourself to
2. If you are a frequent traveller consider annual cover instead
of a single trip cover
Because on the long haul it will save you loads of money and
effort in the same time. Choose the annual multi-trip policy
every UK travel insurance Delta companies have and you
will see how much money it will save for you, especially
after performing your third or fourth trip within a year.
3. Choose your insurance according to your travel destination
If you are not travelling outside of Europe, then restrict your
cover to European countries only. This can save you plenty of
4. Don’t double up an already existing insurance
It will not only be much more expensive in the end but it will
make any possible future claims complicated and you pay
much more especially when it comes to renewal.
5. If you travel together with your partner or with the whole
family use combined packages instead of single insurance
Most travel insurance companies do offer combined
insurance packages especially for families and couples. These
pay off big time, because this way you will end up paying
much less, while keeping the whole family perfectly covered.
6. Make sure you keep the excess in mind
UK travel insurance Abbotsford companies generally work
with an excess which means, that you pre-determine how
many percentage out of the total value of one thing will be
paid by you and how much will be paid by the insurance
company. The higher the excess you pay at your end, the
cheaper the policy will be, however you will make a bad
business if that specific valuable gets stolen during your
7. Make sure you do not do an additional travel insurance if you
already have one
This may sound funny but you may have a travel insurance
and you don’t even know about it. This can happen for
instance when you have a credit card as many credit card
providers do also offer travel insurance for you by default.
You can call your credit card provider for more information.