Dealerscope Warranty Roundup

Dealerscope Warranty Roundup:
Standing Out In 2018
Sean Stapleton, president & CEO of Warrantech, recently spoke
with Dealerscope magazine as part of a discussion on upcoming company initiatives.
The following is an excerpt, providing a brief glimpse of what Warrantech has in store
for 2018 to help CE and appliance dealers increase their extended service plan
offerings and give customers the most value for their money and a worry-free
shopping experience.
Warrantech is offering its retail partners a new smartphone app/platform. Developed
by AmTrust Innovation with collaboration from Warrantech, it allows consumers to
automatically add their connected devices to a dynamically priced service plan.
Using the app, customers can purchase protection on a number of connected
devices including smart TVs, tablets, connected thermostats, smart speakers, hubs
and network routers against power surge, mechanical breakdown and accidental
damage. Customers also have access to live on-demand technical support and inperson installation services from a nationwide network.
For participating partners who want to offer the program, we offer a white-label
version of the app and other revenue-sharing opportunities. This new technology
lets their customers identify devices in real time, catalog them and customize the
protection level that they desire.