What are the steps to Switch to a different Kaspersky Lab Product

What are the steps to Switch to a different
Kaspersky Lab Product?
You can go through this article if you are Kaspersky (Antivirus, Internet Security or Total Security) user.
Kaspersky Antivirus allows you to switch to different Lab application using a simple and quick process.
Kaspersky Support would like to inform that you just have to buy the activation code for the product
you want to switch to and then enter it into your current application.
Steps to buy activation code for a different product at a discount:
In the lower-right corner of the app, click License.
Click Renew License in the New Activation code block in the Licensing window.
The Renewal & Upgrade Center page will appear.
For renewing the product license, buy an activation key.
Steps to Switch to another app if you have a new activation code:
Ensure that the PC is connected to the Internet.
Ensure that the system date set correctly and if required, set it correctly.
Click License in the main application window.
Click Enter a verification code in the Licensing window.
Enter the activation code, in the Activation window. Code must contain numbers and Latin
letters only.
Hit the Activate button.
Click Continue in the Activation window.
By clicking Continue confirm the switch to a different application.
Wait for the new application to install and then hit the Finish button.
Review the newly updated features of the application.
Save the code in a secure place: Connect the app to My Kaspersky. Once it is done, information
about the app license will be shown in the Licenses section.
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