Innovative Initiatives to Drive India Ahead

Innovative Initiatives to Drive India Ahead
The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), with its great team, has been working
tirelessly for the development of roadways in India. Their initiatives like ETC, FASTagare
always focused on improving the highway operations and commuter satisfaction. A boost has
been given to NHAI processes by the ongoing Digital India efforts. A portal for Online Dispute
Resolution (ODR) was launched which will resolve disputes in a fair, speedy, and transparent
manner in case of any national and international arbitral disputes.
ODR paves a way for new job opportunities for the Indian Youth from the IT (Information
Technology) background. This will not just raise the trust and streamline the processes but also
ensure transparency in the process. The Online Dispute Resolution portal, that was inaugurated
by Mr Satyapal Singh, Minister of State Human Resource Development, will not only change the
dispute resolution process but also boosts the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of India.
The new innovative initiatives by NHAI is transforming construction sector at an unprecedented
rate. All these initiatives will improve the infrastructure of the national highways and changes
the perception of sluggish movement. Extraordinary initiative like electronic toll collection
(ETC) system created a milestone in the entire process of toll tax collection. It significantly
raised the levels of efficiency and streamlined the entire toll collection process.
FASTagging of the vehicles ensured in making the process of tax collection a lot smoother and
faster. These initiatives like ETC and ODR will give a boost to the overall economic growth of
the country. It is also set to reduce the logistic charges significantly which, in turn, will improve
the overall GDP rate of the country and increase GDP by 2%. Initiatives like ODR has
Standardization of construction contracts and procedures. It also helped in the grading of
construction entities and created an environment that ensures equality of opportunity for all
Indian contractors.
These two initiatives especially ODR and FASTag will significantly improve the entire process
of toll tax collection and resolve the disputes at a faster rate if any disputes arise. These
initiatives will also help in improving the overall GDP of the country while simultaneously
providing jobs to the youth.