University Dental Group

University Dental Group
1430 S Dixie Hwy, Suite 312, Coral Gables, FL 33146
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At University Dental Group, we take all of the above
seriously because we know that they are closely
connected. Well-maintained teeth that regularly receive
attention from your dentist make an active contribution to
your overall health. And who doesn't feel more confident
when they know that their smile appears bright and
As important as your teeth are, we understand that you
have a busy life, and need your dentist to be as efficient
as possible while serving you. Of course, you also deserve
to be treated with the same care and respect that you
would expect from any professional. Each of our dentists
at University Dental Group takes great pride in delivering
top-quality service in a friendly, gentle manner.
We believe that your dental caregiver should provide more
than clean, healthy teeth; they should also answer
questions and address concerns in a friendly, gentle
manner. With modern training and techniques, your visit
can be a pleasant, relaxing experience. Whether you need
a simple cleaning, or a more complex procedure, we hope
you will let us help to enrich your health and your
confidence by caring for your teeth.