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FinClock employee management system offers the most
efficient method of managing performance of employees.
Each employee is performs important tasks that enable
achievement of company goals. Using FinClock EMS, the
management can track every employee’s work. FinClock EMS
runs as a mobile app, and the employees can mark both
attendance and performance using their mobile phones. Let
the mobile phones serve the company needs.
Using FinClock EMS, companies can show results and identify
the challenges they face, automatically by checking the
scores attained per day, month or year. Starting with
attendance records marked using fingerprints or PIN, the
time an employee arrives and leaves work place is marked.
The attendance records are automatically used to generate
payroll in a 3 step process. This feature enables the
companies whose workforce is located in different places to
be paid according to the number of days that they have
Tracking of employee performance
is the next case important role of
managers. Using FinClock, the tasks
to be completed can be scheduled
easily and then tracked as a
percentage of the target set by the
admin. The outcome is employees
who work to achieve the goals of
the company.
Using the performance features, the
overall outcome per day can be
seen and if an employee does not
do their job, the managers and
alerted. Using FinClock EMS,
companies have become efficient,
easy to manage and now annual
targets can be attained. It is easy,
fast and efficient management.
Using FinClock EMS, now you can
save time and money.
Employee Management Solutions
solutions helps the organization to
manage your employees records,
productivity and improve employee
teamwork, and communication.
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