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EMS Fitness Training And Workout
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Brooklyn, NY 11235
(347) 897-9268
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9 a. m to 9 p. m
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EMS: Fitness-Technology of the Future Already Available!
EMS Fitness To make a good start, let’s discuss what EMS is and how it is deciphered. EMS, or electrical
muscle stimulation, stands for the stimulation of muscles with the help of electrical impulses identical to
those that go all the way from your brain to muscles during a classical training session in a gym. Initially,
EMS was used (and is still used) by physiotherapists for the purpose of patient’s rehabilitation after
surgery. As a rule, this technology is used in situations when a person experiences muscle slowdown and
weakness due to physical trauma, painful feelings, and swelling. For instance, electrical myostimulation
helps recover one’s legs after serious surgery on ligaments as it brings the muscle tissues back to normal
making them perform their direct function – contraction.
Just like any technology of the future, EMS takes its roots in the past. Back in the 1960s, physiotherapists
applied stimulation for physical training of an upscale group of athletes who were getting ready for the
Olympic Games. They kept records in which they admitted that the effectiveness of this type of training
was 40% higher than that of a classical training session. This is because it involves training of more
muscles and allows conducting a deeper and more effective stimulation of ligaments, which leads to
greater endurance, elasticity, and strength. A bit later, back in the 1970s, the research data were first
announced on a conference dedicated to Western sports establishments and were later used as a course
of action, but at the same time, they still raised much debate up until the modern technology was
developed. It is now possible to create an individual training program for each athlete in particular.
Owing to the effort of fitness influencers, celebrities and bloggers, a couple of years ago EMS became a
real sensation on YouTube and Instagram. We used to watch awkward training sessions of Ashley Gram,
Alessandra Ambrosio, and Kim Kardashian and were unable to understand what on earth was going on!
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