QuickBooks Support: Activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

QuickBooks Support: Activate
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
If a user has bought a payroll service of QuickBooks from the web or phone
then after doing this, there is need to activate the service in QB desktop by
submitting a product key that a user gets while purchasing the product.
Points to remember:
 Auto-update: Payroll service of QB is a subscription that updates
automatically, and the credit card or bank account is automatically
debited at the start of each subscription term.
 Cancel: To remove the subscription on the payroll, use Online
Cancellation Tool.
In the QuickBooks Desktop to enter the product key, do
the following:
1. Open the application and go to Employees tab.
2. Select Payroll from the drop-down list and then click Enter Service
3. If you have already subscribed to payroll, then a message may appear
in the pop-up window, asking if you wish to add this file to your
subscription record.
4. If this message appears, select an option:
 Go to the Skip button to continue to product key window.
 Afterward, go to Add File to select it, if you already have an
existing payroll subscription and you wish to add this file.
5. Now it’s time to go to the Add button in Manage Service Key window.
6. Now, type your service key and select the Next button.
7. A confirmation message will appear on the window that your payroll
service has been activated.
8. Finally, click Finish button. QuickBooks will download the latest tab
table and will confirm your subscription.
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