How to Merge Two Accounts in QuickBooks

How to Merge Two Accounts in QuickBooks?
Merging two accounts are sometimes necessary and this process works best for your
several needs. You can merge only 2 accounts at a time in QuickBooks and both must
be the same type of account. In many cases, you can change the account to match with
the new one. But they should have to be on the same parent. If one is at parent level
and another one is subaccount, then you will not be able to merge these until you
change their attributes to match.
Before merging accounts, QuickBooks Support suggests you to perform a full
backup of your data, because the merging process is irreversible, permanent and
cannot be undone at a later point.
 From the menu bar, select the gear icon at the top; choose Lists and then Chart
of Account.
 Here, highlight the account you want to integrate. In the Action tab,
select Edit for the account you want to merge.
 Copy the name and make note of the Detail Type and Sub-account. If you
notice the Sub-account is marked, then also make note of the parent which is
associated with it.
 Press Backspace/ Back-arrow key to go back, or click the browser’s back
button to return to the Chart of Accounts.
 Select that account whose name you do not want to use and click the Edit
 In the Name field, paste it. Ensure the Detail Type matches with the account
you are merging.
 If you find these sub-accounts, make sure they are associated with the same
parent. If just one is a sub, then deselect it and make it a parent.
 Click Save to make changes.
 At last, choose Yes to confirm that you want the merger.
After following the above steps, if you face the same issue or have other queries to
ask, you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support. Our experts provide real-time
customer service, remote technical support, live chat support with full enthusiasm and
harmony. Just give QuickBooks customer support number +353-766803285 a call.
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