Clearing Perceptions About Cryotherapy – What You Need to Know

Clearing Perceptions About Cryotherapy – What You Need to
What is Cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy is characterized by the medical usage of extremely low temperatures. It has two
types, general and partial.
It involves subjecting the patient to chilled air having temperatures ranging from -100°C to 160°C for a period of 2-4 minutes. Liquid nitrogen is usually used for cryotherapy since it keeps
the air dry which is essential for avoiding cold-related injuries and frostbites.
Nowadays, both hospitals and even spa centres offer this service to you. Cryotherapy is indicated
for the following conditions.
Back pain
Muscle strains
Immune system deficiency
Metabolism problems
Muscle Soreness
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Busting Myths Associated with Cryotherapy
People consider cryotherapy to be a trend instead of a genuine treatment method that will
become obsolete soon. Considering that this procedure has been around for 40 years, it is safe to
say that such assumptions have become null and void now. It works and there is sufficient proof
available to support this claim.
The following are a few of the myths and misconceptions associated with cryotherapy.
Myth Number 1: Cryotherapy is Unsafe
Untrue! Cryotherapy is a safe procedure if it is applied as per its guidelines. To protect the clients
from cold air inhalation and frostbites, they are asked to wear face masks, gloves, shorts and
socks. Moreover, nitrogen isn’t a poisonous gas. Feeling refreshed is probably the only danger
you face when having this procedure.
Myth Number 2: Results Can be Seen After a Single Treatment
While even a single treatment has some benefits to offer, you can’t expect to see maximum
results without visiting the spa centre a few more times. It takes several treatments for patients
suffering from muscle injuries to begin seeing the results.
Myth Number 3: Cryotherapy Hasn’t Been Scientifically Verified
Considering the relative newness of the cryotherapy procedure, there is much that we don’t know
about its effects. However, scientific studies performed until now have shown that it can
accelerate healing of injuries, minimize muscles soreness and inflammation and enhance the
production of white blood cells.
Myth Number 4: Cryotherapy is Similar to Ice Baths
First, the duration of a cryotherapy session is five times shorter than an ice bath treatment.
Secondly, liquid nitrogen is used in Cryo chambers, which is totally dry. Thus, cryotherapy
doesn’t cause cold-related injuries like frostbites which are a common occurrence in the case of
ice baths.
Myth Number 5: Cryotherapy Treatment Can Make Me Sick
On the contrary, cryotherapy is known to enhance the immune system which can help you in
fighting the symptoms of cold. People think that cold is caused by cold weather when they can
only be caused by a bacteria or a virus. During winters, people usually stay indoors where the
warmer climate becomes a breeding ground for germs. Bacteria and viruses don’t like the cold
Myth Number 6: Cryotherapy is Unsuitable for People Suffering from Claustrophobia
Again untrue! Cryo chambers are available in all sizes and some of them are quite roomy.
Moreover, the chamber doesn’t cover your head. So, the chances of an episode of claustrophobia
happening during a cryotherapy session are very remote.
Myth Number 7: Cryotherapy is Very Expensive
Upon its inception, cryotherapy might have been expensive, but it has become quite affordable
nowadays. A single treatment is priced at $80 by Cryo Australia while the package deals cost
anywhere from $160 to $600.
One reason for this misconception is the use of cryotherapy by celebrities. Celebrities that are
known users of this treatment method are Hugh Jackman, Shaquille O’ Neal, Tony Robbins,
Floyd Mayweather, Kobe Bryant, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Lebron James, Demi Moore, Jennifer
Anniston and many others.
Myth Number 8: Only Professional Athletes Can Benefit from It
All the professional athletes in the world are humans just like us. Thus, if cryotherapy can be
beneficial for treating spasms, pain and muscle soreness in athletes and removing cellulite in
celebrities then it can do the same for us too. However, only professional athletes should undergo
more than one treatment a day.
Myth Number 9: Cryotherapy Only Has a Placebo Effect
The human mind remains an uncharted territory. Placebo has been known to help people find
relief from psychological and physical symptoms. However, this is not what happens in
cryotherapy. This treatment method can prove to be beneficial for conditions like arthritis,
cellulite, muscle soreness and pain.
Myth Number 10: Cryotherapy Works Like Magic
Cryotherapy isn’t magic. Don’t expect all your problems to magically go away after undergoing
treatment. Cryotherapy is simply a tool for getting your desired results. To get rid of cellulite,
you will have to drink lots of water, eat healthy foods and do a regular workout besides getting
cryotherapy treatments.
Lebron James has maintained that he has used cryotherapy for reducing pain and muscle
soreness after intensive workouts. Moreover, this treatment has helped him in recovering after
undergoing surgery. Lebron lists the short duration of the treatment as its best feature as it makes
it a lot less time-consuming.
Floyd Mayweather undergoes this treatment both before and after his fights. Safe to say that he
likes it a lot!
Kobe Bryant recovered from his knee surgery in 2011 by using cryotherapy. Lakers went out of
their way to ensure that their MVP got the treatment he needed since the device used for the
cryotherapy treatment had to be imported.