Cryo Au - Is Cryotherapy Safe

Is Cryotherapy Safe?
Cryotherapy is the latest buzz word in the medical field. Many people including highperformance athletes are recommending it for recovering quickly from injuries. Moreover, it is
being hailed as a new health and wellness treatment for non-athletes as well. Whole-body
Cryotherapy is being used for pain management too. But, the question that is still on the minds of
the people is regarding its safety. Let us find out if this treatment method is truly safe or not.
What Does Cryotherapy Entail
Cryotherapy involves subjecting the body to extremely cold temperatures in a Cryo chamber.
The temperature is achieved using liquid nitrogen which doesn’t come in contact with the body.
This extreme cold causes the body to go into survival mode and blood rushes to the heart in a bid
to maintain body temperature. During this phase which is called vasoconstriction, the blood is
infused with nutrients, enzymes and oxygen. The body flushes all the toxins from its peripheral
tissues and releases endorphins. After a few minutes, the body temperature is restored to normal,
causing the enriched blood to rush back to the body. This phase called vasodilation helps the
body to heal quickly.
Safety Concerns Regarding Cryotherapy
The benefits of whole-body Cryotherapy have been extensively researched upon. There is no
denying the fact that athletes have recovered quickly from their injuries by utilizing Cryotherapy
treatment. However, people aren’t yet confident about its safety. The reason for this is the lack of
knowledge people have about this treatment method. They think that the extreme cold is going to
harm their hands and feet. This, however, isn’t the case. In fact, you are handed gloves and socks
to put on your hands and feet before entering the Cryo chamber. This is done to ensure that the
fingers and toes remain safe from the effects of the cold temperature.