Child custody battle involving NBA player recently settled

When Arizona parents decide to split, one of the most common areas of dispute is
the custody of the children. In some scenarios, both parents may want primary
custody of the children. Unfortunately, this can trigger a child custody battle. It is
important for parents to have the best interests of the children in mind and work
together to come to an agreement regarding custody.
Fortunately, a custody battle involving NBA player Bryan Forbes and an ex-girlfriend
was recently settled. The couple has two young sons together, ages 4 and 1. After
the couple split, they both filed for full custody of the children, records say.
According to reports, the parents came to an agreement to give Forbes full custody
of the children.
In the agreement, Forbes agreed to pay his ex-girlfriend $50,000 in lieu of child
support. Forbes is currently in his second NBA season and earns around $1.3
million per year. The agreement also says that the mother, who lives in Michigan,
will have 60 overnights a year with the two sons, with Forbes paying for her travel
expenses. Sources close to the situation say that the parents agreed that this
arrangement serves the best interests of the children.
Fortunately, the parents were able to come to an agreement in this particular
situation. However, parents can sometimes have trouble finding common ground
during custody negotiations and a lengthy custody battle may ensue. Arizona
parents that have questions regarding child custody may want to considering
contacting a knowledgeable attorney. Consulting an experienced legal
representative could have resounding benefits for children and parents.
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