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8. Which statements about OSPF packets are true? (Select 2 answers)
A. Hello packets can be sent immediately after the interface joined OSPF area.
B. After received LS Update packets, the router must send LSAck for confirming.
C. LS Update messages synchronize the link state database by sending detailed LSAs.
D. LS Update packets are sent only after an adjacency is established.
Answer: AC
9. In the RSTP protocol, the uplink port of the non-root switch has the parameter of the
port identifier. The port identifier consists of two parts, they are:
A. One-byte port priority and one-byte port number
B. One-byte port priority and two-byte port number
C. Two-byte port priority and one-byte port number
D. Two-byte port priority and two-byte port number
Answer: A
10. Since the AS-PATH attribute cannot be function within the AS, it is specified that the
BGP router will not advertise any updates from the IBGP peer to its IBGP peers.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
11. In the static LACP mode, the correct description of the active link selection is:
(Multiple Choice)
A. After a member interface is added to the Eth-Trunk in static LACP mode, the member
interface sends the information negotiation active port about the system priority, system
MAC address, interface priority, and interface number to the peer.
B. The higher the system LACP priority is, the higher the priority is. At both endsI of the
devices, select the system with the larger LACP priority value as the active end. If the
system LACP priority is the same, select the one with the higher MAC address as the
active end.
C. The passive end device determines the activity interface based on the active end
interface LACP priority and interface ID (interface number).
D. The interfaces selected by two-end device are inconsistent and the data can be
forwarded normally.
Answer: AC
12. Which of the following is the characteristics of the OSPF stub area?
A. AS-external-LSAs can be published in the Stub area.
B. The route to the outside of the AS can only be based on a default route generated
manually by the ABR.
C. Virtual connections cannot span the Stub area.
D. Any area can be a stub area
Answer: C
13. The route injected into the BGP through the redistributed command has the Origin
attribute of Incomplete.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
14. Which of the following is incorrect about the OSPF protocol?
A. When a router receives a Network-Summary-LSA, the router runs the SPF algorithm.
B. Network-LSA is used to describe the link status information of the broadcast network
segment and the NBMA network segment.
C. Virtual connection is a virtual link that belongs to the backbone area (Area 0).
D. Type-4 LSA is used to describe how to reach the ASBR and contain routing and
topology information.
Answer: D
15. Autonomous System (AS) refers to a set of routers defined by users and using a
unified routing policy.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
16. As shown in the following figure, if you do not want employees of department A have
mutual visits, employees in department B can communicate with each other, but different
departments cannot communicate with each other, and all employees can access the
company's servers. To achieve this function through the MUX VLAN, the following
statement is correct:
A. VLAN 2 is set to interworking VLAN
B. VLAN 100 is a slave VLAN
C. VLAN 3 is set to primary VLAN
D. VLAN 3 is set to interworking VLAN
Answer: D
17. About multicast RPF check, which of the following statements is wrong? (Multiple
A. Multicast RPF check is not rely on unicast routing.
B. All multicast protocols use RPF check.
C. The router receives the multicast packet but fails the RPF check and discards the
received multicast packet.
D. There are two RPF check functions. One is to prevent loops in multicast routes, the
other is to prevent forwarding of redundant multicast data packets.
Answer: AB
18.Regarding the description of IGMPv1 and IGMPv2, the correct one is: (Multiple
A. IGMPv1 packet type does not include a leave member packets.
B. IGMPv2 packet type includes member leave packets
C. IGMPv1 supports universal group queries.
D. IGMPv2 supports only general group queries.
Answer: ABC
19. How many types can the Hello packets of ISIS be divided into? (Multiple Choice)
A. Level-1 LAN IIH
B. Level-2 LAN IIH
C. Level-3 LAN IIH
Answer: ABD
20. When an operating OSPF router receives an LSA and the LSA does not exist in its
link state database, how does the router handle this LSA?
A. The router will silently discard this LSA without returning any messages.
B. This LSA will be immediately flooded to other OSPF neighbors.
C. The LSA is installed in its own link state database, and then this LSA is acknowledged
by multicast.
D. Check the age of the LSA to see if it expires.
Answer: D
21. Which of the following description of the distribution tree is correct?
A. The multicast source is root, the multicast distribution tree that the multicast group
members as leaves called RPT.
B. The RP (Rendezvous Point) is root, the multicast distribution tree that the multicast
group members as leaves called SPT.
C. SPT applies to both PIM-DM and PIM-SM.
D. RPT applies to both PIM-DM and PIM-SM.
Answer: C
22. About the descriptions of LSA of various messages, which is wrong?
A. The DD type LSA contains only the summary information of the LSA, that is, the LS
Type, LS ID, Advertising Router and LS Sequence Number.
B. The LS Request message contains only the LS Type, LS ID, and the Advertising
C. The LS Update message contains the complete LSA information.
D. The LS Ack packet contains the complete LSA information.
Answer: D
23. About the description of P2MP networking, which is correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. Devices with inconsistent mask lengths on the P2MP network cannot establish
neighbor relationships. However, you can use the ospf p2mp-mask-ignore command to
break this limitation.
B. The election of DR/BDR is required in the P2MP network.
C. No link layer protocol is P2MP by default. P2MP must be forcibly changed by other
network types.
D. You can use the filter-Isa-out peer command to filter the sent LSA on a P2MP network
Answer: ACD
24. Which of the following causes the BGP neighbor relationship failed to be established?
A. ACLs that block all TCP connections are configured between the two BGP neighbor
B. IBGP neighbors are non-physically connected.
C. BGP synchronization is enabled in the fully interconnected IBGP neighbor
D. The update time between the two BGP neighbors is inconsistent.
Answer: A
25. When using manual link aggregation mode, the wrong description of joining member
interfaces in the following is:
A. The Eth-Trunk interface cannot be nested. That is, the member interface cannot be an
B. An Ethernet interface only can be added to one Eth-Trunk interface. If you need to join
other Eth-Trunk interfaces, you must first exit from the original Eth-Trunk interface.
C. If the local device uses an Eth-Trunk, the peer interface directly connected to the
member interface must also be bundled into an Eth-Trunk interface so that the two ends
can communicate normally.
D. Eth-Trunk has two working modes: Layer 2 working mode and Layer 3 working mode.
The two working modes are automatically identified and no manual switching is required.
Answer: D
26. The master-slave relationship of OSPF neighbors is negotiated through DD packets.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
27. Which types of access control lists can be divided into? (Multiple Choice)
A. Basic access control list
B. Advanced access control list
C. Layer 2 ACL
D. User-defined ACLs
Answer: ABCD
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