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Questions 1.
• Which description of Hello packets in PIM-SM is wrong?
• A. In the PIM-SM network, the newly started multicast router needs to
use Hello messages to discover neighbors and maintain neighbor
• B. Periodically use Hello messages to keep in touch with each other.
• C. Election of DR-designated routers in a multi-router network
segment through Hello messages.
• D. The Hello message is sent to the multicast address
• Answer: D
Questions 2.
• If Router Priority is set to 0, then in the OSPF routing domain, the
router is allowed to be elected as a DR or BDR, but with the lowest
• Answer: B
Questions 3.
• Which description is wrong about the router that can initiate SPT switching in the
PIM-SM network? (Multiple Choice)
• A. Last-hop router
• B. Intermediate router
• C. RP router
• D. Source DR router
• Answer: BD
Questions 4.
• Which command can be used to view OSPF neighbor status
• A. display ospf peer
• B. display ip ospf peer
• C. display ospf neighbor
• D. display ip ospf neighbor
• Answer: A
Questions 5.
• Which of the following description of BGP is wrong? (Multiple Choice)
• A. TCP provides BGP with an acknowledgment retransmission
• B. Before TCP establishes a connection, BGP needs to exchange
Update packets.
• C. BGP uses Notification and Update messages to establish and
maintain neighbor relationships.
• D. BGP uses TCP port 179 for communication.
• Answer: BC
Questions 6.
• Which of the following description of MED is incorrect? (Multiple
• A. MED is an optional non-transition property.
• B. MED affects the flow from the AS
• C. MED can only be transmitted within this AS.
• D. The default value of MED is 0.
• Answer: AD
Questions 7.
Using default routes between routers is a low-cost solution but
requires more system resources than a complete routing table.
Answer: B
Questions 8.
Which of the following is not the basic network type defined by OSPF?
A. Virtual Link
C. Broadcast
Answer: A
Questions 9.
• Which of the following description about Local-Preference and MED are correct?
(Multiple Choice)
• A. The default local-preference command configures the default local preference of
• B. By default, the value of Local-Preference is 0.
• C. the default med command is used to configure BGP med by default values.
• D. By default, the MED value is 100.
• Answer: AC
Questions 10.
What are the characteristics of IS-IS protocol? (Multiple Choice)
A. Support for rich regional features
B. Simple message structure
C. Suitable for large-capacity route transfer
D. Better scalability
Answer: BCD
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