Traditional landline telephone service with MajicJack plus

Since we often change places, it's difficult for our friends, relatives, and suppliers to know where to join us.
So we need a single "virtual phone number" which means that every time someone uses this number, they
can reach us wherever we are in the world. In our case, since we want a local phone number for the
majority of our friends and relatives, we chose a phone number in Montreal (area code 514) as a "virtual
phone number".
Having no wireline phone lines and using "VoIP" technology, such as Magic Jack Plus, as well as the Magic
Jack mobile app on our cell phones, is all that is needed to get an environment with a "virtual phone
number". The only requirement is to have high-speed Internet access to connect the MagicJack plus device
and the phone wire and/or have a Wifi connection for the mobile phone. When Wifi is not available, we use
a mobile Wifi hotspot.
Finally, this approach eliminates the need for traditional landline telephone service, costs a fraction of the
cost of landlines and minimizes long distance costs (USA & Canada - Calls are free with Magic Jack Plus) and
international calls that cost a few cents. The costs are detailed below.
A Magic Jack Plus phone number in Montreal (Canada) (area code 514), so that our children,
parents, friends, and suppliers in the Montreal area can be able to communicate with us, without
long distance charges, wherever we are in the world.
A Magic Jack Plus phone number in Fort Lauderdale (Florida-USA) (area code 954), so that our
relatives, friends, and suppliers in Florida may be able to contact us, without long distance charges,
wherever we are in the world.
A local phone number in Freeport, Bahamas, for the Bahamas.
"Pay on Demand / Prepaid" mobile services in Montreal, Fort Lauderdale, and Freeport and
wherever else we travel. A SIM card appropriate for each location.
High Speed Cable Internet Services in Freeport and Montreal, where we spend most of the year and
connect Magic Jack Plus devices to the Internet.
High-speed mobile internet access, using a 4G LTE Wifi Hotspot in Florida, Austin, Europe and
everywhere else we travel.
As a last resort for WiFi, we use "Tethering" or "FoxFi Hotspot" on our mobile phones, as described
in other articles.
Always choose budget friendly and quick responsive support phone number office. Don’t wait to get flawless
MagicJack Customer support Number USA @ 1-855-217-2236 when you don’t have proper knowledge how to
troubleshoot the problems occurring in the device. These agencies are perfect in handling all kind of issues and they
also make sure that there would be least problems comes to your device while using VoIP calling in future.
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