How to Solve Error 404 in Magic Jack

Magic Jack is a device which is plugged into
the USB port from one side and to the laptop
or computer on another side. The use of this
tool is it allows you to make calls with your
loved one who live in US and Canada free.
Someone gave it an accurate name “Magic
Jack” as it is actually work as magic for
making the connection between people lives in
two other countries without any interruption.
Now mostly people located in India also using
that device to make calls with their partners in
situated overseas.
But not everyone is so perfect. And with the
same product, there are sometimes some minor
or some major issues which we have to face in
This MagicJack. These errors will interrupt us
in making Free Calls overseas to our loved
once. But generally mostly people will not
aware with the errors. Some of these errors
were ERROR 1, 404 ERRORS, ERROR 23
CODE, ERROR 3002 and many others. Today
we are discussing about the Error 404, which
create problem for users in making calls.
ERROR 404:
Whenever you are trying to call overseas, it
would be disconnected automatically and after
that if would not connect. There are so many
reasons behind this but here we are focusing on
the solution for this issue.
If you are getting the Error 404 while connecting
with overseas users and you are facing the error
which named 404, so there is an answer we have
for you to solve your issue.
 First
of all go to your desktop and refresh
your system so that it would be easy to
work fast.
 Now Click on Start Button, and then go to
Control Panel.
 After entering the control panel, go in the
internet setting.
 Now click Connection tab and when you
enter in the connection tab, click on LAN
setting button.
 First
click on Start button and go in
Control Panel.
 Go to the Network and sharing center.
 Now go to manage network connection
and right click on your active internet
 Now select your property and scroll to
internet protocol.
 Fill the DNS Server Address and then
click ok.
And you should be sure that the box is unchecked
under the proxy server.
The above mentioned tricks will surely help you in
getting rid from this error named 404 errors. Now
follow these ways line wise line and your issue will be
resolved within very less time. But if due to some
reason you could not find these setting or you could
not understand the methods mentioned above, so
don’t feel anything in connecting with us. Just dial
our Magicjack Helpline Number 1-855-217-2236
and we will surely resolve your issue. As we are
having a team of well experienced technicians, you
don’t need to be worry for a single moment.