Correct Way Of Resetting The QuickBooks Registration

Correct Way Of Resetti The QuickBooks
QuickBooks has a trial period of 30 days and to contnue ahead, a user has to purchase its
subscriptonn The registraton of this softare can be done using a phone or by a computern The
registraton number of this accountng softare is entered into a fle on your system thich till
help in actiatng the softaren If in any case, the fle is corrupted or not iisible to you, then it
can be edited from scratch using any plain text editng appn
Error messages during the tme of installatonn
1n Locate “qbregistratonndat” fle on your computer if you are using Windots 7, 8 or 8n1n
Follot this path: C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
2n Not, make a rightnclick of the mouse on the “qbregistratonndat” flen Select Rename
opton from the list of dropndotn menu and then rename itn
3n Open notepad or any other app thich is a plain text editor and pastes the xxnx">
YES 000n000 0000n0000n0000n000 000073adbf3f code in the documentsn
4n In this code, you haie to replace “xxnx” in the 1st line tith “24n0” in case you are using
2014 iersion of QuickBooksn Use “22n0” instead of “xxnx” in case of 2012 iersionn Type
“atom” in case of simple start iersion of QBsn And, type “Pro” if you tant to start Pro
5n In the next step, you haie to replace “000n000” thich is located in the second line of
your code tith a product number of your QBs installatonn
6n Type your QBs license number instead of “0000n0000n0000n000” in the third line of the
7n When this is done, saie the “qbregistration.dat” flen Click on All Files in the Saie as
Type optonn This till make sure that no additonal code is added to the flen And, the
preiious till not change from Doc or TXT fle formatn
8n Saie it in the same folder there “qbregistration.dat” tas originally saiedn
QuickBooks is iast accountng softare and the more you till explore it, the more challenging it
tould be in front of youn To learn all the features of QBs, to rectfy minor or major problems, to
create a net company fle, to remoie technical errors, te are here to help you altaysn
We ofer a brilliant seriice to our customers and assist them urgently tith satsfying solutonsn
Dial our tollnfree QuickBooks Techtical Support Number 1-800-817-695 to saie your
tme from getting into the trouble of QBs issuesn We are altays aiailable theneier you need us
at anytme on any dayn
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