How to Solve QuickBooks Data File Connectivity Issue?

How to Solve QuickBooks Data File
Connectivity Issue?
QuickBooks is the simplest and more useful software to manage your daily
accounting work. Although you confront some issues while working on this
accounting software, but it’s common to face such difficulty, after all no
program can’t be made perfect. Network issues, corrupted data files and other
related issues you face while accessing QuickBooks. If you are facing
connection issue of data file, then continue reading this blog as it will resolve
your query.
When you are prompted to permit the diagnostic tool to open the firewall
ports and it does not work well, then you need to work on the server. To run
your QuickBooks database server, follow the given below steps:
1. Turn your system on and select the Start button located on bottom-left
corner of the screen.
2. Type services.msc in the search box and hit the Enter button.
3. This will open Services window. Locate QuickBooks server manager on
the screen.
4. If any older database manager looks to be running then stop them and
set them to ‘Disable’.
5. Ensure to set the service to Automatic and move ahead with further
6. Now, on the Recovery tab, FirstFailure and SecondFailure section should
be set to ‘Restart’ the Service.
7. Click OK button after making above changes.
8. Now, make a right-click on the service to Start or Restart.
9. Once the service gets start, move back to the QuickBooks database
server manager and rescan the folder.
When file gets display, move back to the clients and attempt to
I hope the problem is solved now and if still the connection issue
persists, then some troubleshooting tips are as follows:
 Make sure only server is hosting the QuickBooks.
 Copy the data file to a client machine and then try to login the data file.
Also, create a portable copy of the data file and then copy it to the server.
After restoration from the portable file, hopefully you’ll get the
connection restored.
 Verify your .tlgfile linked with your data file. If needed, restore
the .tlgfile.
 If the problems persist the same then drop the firewall on the server and
the client and then try to reconnect.
Hopefully, the crisis you were facing is fixed now. For further information or
guidelines, you can contact on our toll-free number QuickBooks Support
Number Canada 1-844-888-3870. This support service helps to rectify the
blunders that a user confront while accessing this accounting software. The
experts are highly-experienced and give remedies for all technical issues. You
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