Find the best Cubic zirconia

Find the best Cubic zirconia
The cubic zirconia, also called zirconia or zirconita , is a gem or synthetic stone,
is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium oxide ZrO 2 . The synthesized material
is hard, without optical faults, and generally colourless, but can be made in a
variety of different colours. Cubic Zirconia Stones Wholesale should not be
confused with zircon, which is a zirconium silicate.
Due to its low cost, durability and visual similarity, very close to the diamond,
the synthetic cubic zirconia has remained as the most important gemmological
and economic diamond competitor. Its main competence as a synthetic gem is
a more recently cultivated material, the synthetic moissanite.
It is very durable and visually very economic, very similar to
diamond. The synthetic cubic zirconia is catalogued as the most important
economic competitor of the diamond. Although Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones
has competition as a synthetic gem, a more recently cultivated material,
known as synthetic moissanite.
How to measure the quality of cubic zirconia
When you are looking to buy cubic zirconia, you must first look at the quality
of the stone carefully. In the quality evaluation of cubic zirconia, you can go to
the same scale is used for grade diamonds. The four quality factors are to
consider when choosing a quality zirconia are carat, clarity, colour and cut.
Carat Zirconia
Zircons with the same size as a diamond are about 1.7 times heavier than
zirconium. When the cubic zirconia weight is given in carats, the number is the
calibre of a real diamond of the same size. This is the standardization of the
scale so that the comparison between zirconia and diamonds is easy to
make. Some cubic zirconia stones are measured according to the size of stone
instead of carat weight.
Zirconia Clarity
All cubic zirconia in jewellery are produced synthetically, since it is a mineral
that exists in some natural, abundant and pure form. Low quality of the
production processes makes the zircons turbid or with visible
imperfections. Colour zircons may have uneven colours or tones, so the lighter
and uniform colour stones are the most valuable.
Cubic Zirconia Colour
When it is synthesized from a quality manufacturer, the cubic zirconia is
clear. Elements and oxides of colour stones can be introduced during
production. The stones of the most popular zircons also have colour and
tone. Unlike Lab Created Stones, which are exceptionally rare, cubic zirconium
oxide is accessible and available in a variety of colours.
Cubic Zirconia Cut
The Zirconia can be cut by hand or with a cutting machine. To make the most
beautiful and brilliant zirconia facets are cut evenly and precisely. The cut level
of cubic zirconia is the round brilliant cut, but the stones can also be cut in
other styles, such as the trillion, princess and radiant styles. The excellence of
cubic zirconia stone is scratch by hand, not by engine, as the cutting machine
can result the zirconium to have badly polished or badly prepared aspects.