What you need to know about hurricane damage claims

What you need to know about hurricane damage claims
Florida and Texas will not forget Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey in a hurry.
Although it happened last year, it is still very fresh in our hearts. Regardless of how
prepared one may be, hurricanes are known to leave disasters in their wake.
Florida residents often need to engage the services of a Hurricane Damage Lawyer to
help assess the damage. Most times, such assessments are for following up on their
insurers claim denials.
It is important that you insure your property for such unexpected situations. And since no
one knows when the next one might happen, it is always helpful to know what to follow up
on your insurance company in the event of a hurricane.
Homeowners insurance does not cover flooding
You should know that damages caused by water and rain that gets into your home through
the window, roof, walls, holes or doors are covered by homeowners insurance. This also
includes damages caused by wind. However, if the damage is as a result of water or
flooding that entered your home from bottom up or storm surge, these will not be covered.
Instead they are covered by Federal Flood Insurance Programs. To get a better and clearer
understanding of all the things your insurance covers, get in touch with a Hurricane
Damage Lawyer or an Insurance Claim Attorney.
You may be eligible for a much higher deductible after a hurricane
Some people in Florida, especially those living in high-risk areas had to buy different
policies to cover windstorms. You may be lucky to lay claim to such if such is covered in
your insurance. But do note that this may mean that you have a higher deductible for
hurricane damage. Florida Legal, Insurance Claim Attorney or a Hurricane Damage
Lawyer will put you through.
Damage from fallen trees
In the aftermath of a hurricane, your home may have escaped unscathed. And if a tree from
your property damages a neighbor’s property, it is the responsibility of your neighbor to
file a claim with his insurance company and not yours. Now, that’s good to know, you
would agree.
Your housing expenses may be paid for by your insurance company
Do you know that your insurance may cover for such things as food, rent and other housing
costs when you are unable to live in your home? Coverage for these expenses can be up to a
year. So, while your home gets fixed, your insurance company will ensure that you are
covered. And should you spend anything out of your pocket during this period, you may
want to keep the receipts for reimbursement.
Document and contact your insurer
Before fixing anything in your home, make sure you, first of all, document the damage.
Should you go for supplies to be used to make temporary repairs, keep the receipt. This will
come in handy when making your claims for reimbursement.
In view of all these, it is important that you contact an experienced attorney so that you
obtain full compensation for your claim. There is no fee unless you recover and under
Florida law the insurance company must pay your attorneys fees and costs if you recover.
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