Understanding Hurricane Insurance Do You Need It

Understanding Hurricane Insurance: Do You Need It?
Hurricanes are naturally occurring events that could cause a severe amount of damage to houses and
properties. They typically start off as tropical cyclones or storms, but when the maximum sustained winds
increase to 74 mph, they become a hurricane. These massive storms can bring along with them strong wind,
storm surge, flooding, tornadoes, and rip tides, which could give great devastation to homes. With this in
mind, purchasing hurricane insurance is something to be considered. In this article, let’s explain whether or
not you need hurricane insurance.
Where are you located?
The first factor to consider is the probability of a hurricane’s occurrence. There are areas in the world where a
hurricane is most likely to occur. Some places are riskier to live in compared to others. According to a research
from NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division, the most vulnerable cities in the U.S. are Miami, Key West, Cape
Hatteras, Tampa, and New Orleans while the top countries for hurricane strikes are China, Philippines, Japan,
Mexico, and United States. The common denominator of these areas is that they are all in close proximity to
massive bodies of water like open seas or oceans. So, if you are situated in a hurricane-prone zone such as
coastal areas or gulfs, it is highly recommended to get an insurance policy for the safety of your family and of
your home.
Why do you need hurricane insurance?
Insurance is a smart way of safeguarding assets to sustain the continuity of life. The two main factors that
could cause great wreckage to your house are winds and flood. Strong winds could easily tear down houses or
send roofs flying. Floods, on the other hand, could cause serious damage to properties. Just an inch of flood
water could already cause a thousand dollars’ worth of damage. Considering the potential damage a hurricane
could cause, it’s a wise decision to secure an insurance policy. A hurricane damage lawyer could provide you
with some inputs so you might as well seek out an opinion.
What types of insurances are involved in a hurricane insurance?
A traditional home owner insurance policy normally covers damages caused by heavy winds. If a part of your
house is damaged, the insurance company will pay you with the value of the damaged item. In some other
hurricane-prone areas, however, you will be required to purchase a supplemental windstorm insurance policy.
That’s why it’s important for you to really clarify the specific inclusions and exclusions of an insurance
The second key part of a hurricane insurance policy is the flood insurance. Homeowner policies usually cover
damages due to water in general but do not really cater flooding in specific. When a hurricane causes flood to
enter your homes and causes any damage, this policy will cover the damages. The easiest way to identify if
your home is prone to flooding is to check your community’s flood map. If you are located in an area or near
an area that is identified as “high-risk” or “moderate risk”, then you should definitely get a flood insurance.
Hurricane insurances can be quite expensive especially when you get the comprehensive package that
includes the basic, windstorm, and flood provisions. The price of the insurance will depend on the value being
insured and the country you are living in. Regardless of the cost, the most important aspect to address here is
the safety of your life and of your family’s.