Identifying Art Deco Furniture OK

Identifying Art Deco Furniture
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When you think about high
end, elegance, astonishing
details, and perfect finishing
then Art Deco furniture is
something that comes to the
mind immediately. It is one of
the most popular styles of
furniture and is certainly one of
the most attractive. The Art Nouveau furniture was first introduced to the world in Paris during the early
years of the 20th century. The style of this kind of furniture was influenced a lot by the society which is
why it had elements of hope, playfulness, and positivity.
In the modern era, it is very difficult to spot real art deco console or furniture, this is because many
sellers use the words Art deco to describe their furniture but it does not have the same characteristics.
An Art Nouveau console can easily make your room look beautiful, it is an old style with a contemporary
furniture look and that is what makes it so amazing. Here you will find some tips that you should know
to help you identify art deco furniture.
The first thing that should allow you to identify art deco chair or any other kind of art deco furniture is
the material that is used. The main materials that are used to make art nouveau chair or furniture are
metal, marble, lacquer or wood. Combinations of these materials can also be used and it makes the
furniture look even better.
Art deco furniture can be found in all types ranging from beds to cabinets and chairs. All of the furniture
is made from exotic wood such as burled oak, bird’s eye maple or more. Art deco beds are huge and are
mainly made from wood with a little metal here and there. Nowadays, you can find art deco furniture
that has designs from Egyptian, Aztec and Mayan cultures.
Art deco furniture is most expensive, but it is not considered to be antique. When you are buying this
kind of furniture it is best to look for details like animal prints and the use of materials such as ebony
and ivory. You should ask the seller for the documentation of the furniture to prove its origin and
While you are at it also look for defects in the furniture because if you are buying an art nouveau
furniture then it should be flawless. If you find any signs of damage then you should avoid buying it. Art
deco furniture is truly a work of art and if you choose to buy one for yourself then it will surely look good
in your home.
These were some things that you should know about art deco furniture. Finding good quality art deco
furniture is a little difficult today because there is very few authentic sellers. You can easily run into a
scammer who can trick you into buying furniture that is not original art deco furniture.