How To Recover Old Email Data In Hotmail

How To Recover Old Email Data In
• You might have received important mails week
ago and you have no idea where it’s gone and
where to find that email, then luckily you can
recover that mail which you have by mistaken
lost but only if you know the name or subject
of that mail. If that email is not deleted
completely, then it is not very difficult to find it.
• So here, Hotmail Support provided the complete
solution in order to recover Old emails in Hotmail.
• Follow the following steps properly to accomplish
your task.
• • First of all, check whether you field that message in
a specific folder or not. If you have done so, then
click on the folder’s name located on the left margin
of your web application screen.
• • Then browse through the files in that folder to try
to find out the desired message.
• Another way is to find your email using a search
engine if you have not fielded it. To find it, go to
the ‘Search your e-mail’ text box located at the
top-right of the screen.
• • Then enter a search phrase which you think was
used in the message. It has to be specific. Like,
search for the sender of the e-mail, if you actually
know who sent it to you.
• • Then click on the desired message when you find
it. You can also move it to the appropriate folder so
that next you won’t misplace it again.
• Let us hope that these steps listed above
helped you in restoring the important e-mails
that you have lost. But if still you can’t locate
it even after following the above steps, then
it’s better to have an expert’s guidance to
solve your trouble. You can connect with us
via Hotmail Support Number and can also
connect with the team via live chat or email
where the team is available at your service for
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