What to do When Attachments are not Getting Receive Through Hotmail?

There are more than 400 millions of users
and Hotmail has carved a niche for itself in
the electronic mail industry. Not only
electronic mail but its exciting features
make this service credible like its huge
space to store files, despite an easy
accessibility and user-friendly features of
this mail service, users come across a
troubling situation when they are not able
to receive attachments through Hotmail.
We are here to describe you some
reasons behind this issue and you can
take guidance from the Hotmail
Support Canada team to fix this issue
on an immediate basis.
Attachment may contain a virus
It might be possible your attachment
contains a virus and you won’t be able
to send or receive an attachment if it
contains online threads. As Hotmail is a
secure email service that prevents its
users from being infected and this is a
reason you are not getting an
attachment from few days.
Antivirus software doesn’t allow
This mail service never allows its users
to send an infected file and this is the
reason behind online infection. An
antivirus application installed on your
application makes it difficult and doesn’t
allow you to attach a file.
Attachment size is big
It might be possible the attachment you
sent or received is big, please keep in mind
that it doesn’t allow you to send more than
20MB file in one go. Therefore, to
overcome this problem you need to upload
your file to a location where one can
access a file easily.
Odd extension problem
An extension can create a problem in
attaching a file, email attachment
extensions like .mdb, .mde, .reg, .scr, .msc,
etc. are not allowed by Hotmail and it might
be a big reason behind this issue. In such
case, your mailbox automatically rejects
the incoming messages.
Less storage space
Less storage space is another big reason
behind this issue; if your storage is already
filled with emails then it is sure you won’t
be able to receive more. In this condition,
your emails are rejected automatically and
therefore, you need to check whether your
mailbox has exceeded its allocated size or
you still have space.
In case, you still not able to get an
actual reason behind this issue of your
mailbox then connect with an expert by
dialing Hotmail Support Phone
Number 1-844-888-3870.
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