Never Underestimate the Power of Labelling Your Boxes

Never Underestimate the Power of Labelling Your Boxes
It is widely believed that your move is complete once you have moved all the boxes to your new home.
However, if the boxes are left unlabelled then you would have a very difficult time unpacking them which
would quite stressful too. You would have a mess on your hands if the boxes you open contain an assortment of
items that don’t go with each other.
Can Labelling the Boxes Be of Any Help?
Labelling the boxes can make unpacking a hassle-free process for you. You can minimize the unpacking time to
a great extent if you label the boxes yourself or hire a professional mover if you can afford their services.
Labelling the boxes on your own is a little time-consuming, though. People see it as an additional task that is to
be done before the move. Anytime you spend on box labelling would be compensated when you begin
unpacking them once the move is done.
What Materials Are Needed for Labelling?
You don’t need a lot of materials for labelling boxes. If you get some permanent markers, a wad of post-it notes
and some sticky tape then you are all set to begin your labelling operation. If you plan on storing your boxes in
a storage unit then using the permanent markers is of utmost importance. It will ensure that the labels don’t lose
colour even if a lengthy period of time has passed.
Which Labelling Method is Preferable of the Two?
You have to methods available for labelling your boxes on your own. The boxes can be labelled either on the
basis of rooms or items. If your labelling method is based on the contents of the boxes, the labels should reflect
the names of the items stored in the box. For instance, ‘Cutlery’ should be the label of the box containing knives
and spoons. Likewise, ‘Books’ should be the label of the box containing books. This is the preferable labelling
method for boxes destined to be placed inside a storage unit.
When it comes to labelling boxes on the basis of rooms, deciding on a colour scheme for each room is a wise
choice. For instance, assign blue colour to the box containing items belonging to the kitchen while reserve
yellow colour for the box containing bedroom items. You would find it easier to group the boxes together if you
are using this labelling method.
So, start packing and labelling! But, if you need some help, don’t be shy and get in touch with us.
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