How to Claim or Request Money in Google Pay

How to Claim or Request Money in Google Pay
Android Pay or Google Pay has made the payment easy without any to and fro to banks. One can easily
transfer amount from their place and can make purchase at the same time. Also, Google Pay can be used
for receiving or requesting money from family and friends. There is no charge for making any
You can also consult the team of experts for any issue or want to know how to claim or request
money with the digital wallet. You can easily connect with us by dialing Google Pay helpline number 1800-789-560
How to claim amount :
The receiver will get an email or text message from the Google team if someone sends them money via
Android Pay along with the instructions for claiming the amount. For claiming the money, perform the
below instructions:
Tap on ‘Claim Money’ from the received notification email. Verify that the link opens as
‘’. The user is required to log into their Google account. Create the account if they
don’t have any.
For going through the transactions, the user has to sign in. in case if the user has set a
default payment method, they will get their money directly in the application.
How to request for amount:
The user can request for the same amount from up to 5 other users in one go. Keep in mind that the user
can only make 20 requests in 30 days. If the user get a message ‘Too many requests’, it implies that they
have reached to their limit. The user can try again after some days or can cancel the open request. Follow
the below directions for requesting the amount:
Access ‘’.
On the left side, tap on ‘Send or request money’.
Tap on ‘Request Money’.
Tap on ‘$0’ and then type the amount which you would like to request.
Enter the names of recipient’s names, email ID and phone number. The user can also create a
Tap on ‘Request’.
For more details on the above processes, the user can also take help from professionals. They can get in
touch with them by dialing Android Pay Support Australia 1-800-789-560