Benefits to take treatment from the vein treatment center

Benefits to take treatment from the vein treatment
In addition to being unsightly, varicose veins can cause various
symptoms and lead to complications. Varicose veins are a
degenerative and progressive disease that, generally, is not serious,
but they are unsightly and can cause discomfort. In many cases, the
treatment of varicose veins from the vein treatment center San
Diego will be palliative. It will serve to alleviate the symptoms and
prevent or delay their progression. In others, they can be cured
permanently with the help of top San Diego vein doctor.
San Diego vein treatment center should be considered in the case of
varicose veins developed. For purely aesthetic reasons, varicose
veins or spider veins can be treated.
In this section, the various treatments of varicose veins available are
briefly related. However, it is important to emphasize that, before
starting any therapy from San Diego Vein Center, it is necessary to
consult a qualified professional.
Physical-hygienic measures
This method consists of the correction of the factors that give rise to
the appearance of varicose veins and that are described in the
following prevention section. They do not cure varicose veins, but
they improve symptoms and prevent the development of
complications. You should control overweight and perform exercises
that promote venous return by developing the muscles of the legs.
Careful hygiene and hydration of the skin of the legs are important.
In most cases, the use of elastic compression stockings is
Drugs for varicose veins
They are fundamentally useful, as complementary measures to other
treatments. Among the medications that are most used in the
treatment of varicose veins include:
To increase the venous tone
When the vein is affected by varicose veins, its wall dilates and
weakens. There are medications that re-firm the altered wall and
reduce the extravasations of plasma, proteins or water in the tissue.
They prevent the formation of enema and reduce existing ones, such
• Extract of Ginkgo biloba.
• Flavonoids
• Escina.
• Extract of Centella Asiatica.
• Horse chestnut extract.
• Troxerutin.
• Topical anticoagulants
Medicine by San Diego Vein Center prevents the formation of
thrombi, facilitating circulation and limiting or eliminating the
accumulations of red blood cells in tissues.
For the treatment of complications it is necessary to administer
other medications, among which we can mention:
Antibiotics: They are applied when there is an infection, and
sometimes as a reinforcement in the treatment of ulcers.
Anticoagulants: In addition to those used locally, if there is a risk of
thrombi it is sometimes necessary to use them at a general level.
Anti-inflammatory: To reduce inflammation, either due to enema or
other complications.
Corticosteroids: They are indicated when there are alterations in the
skin or eczema.
Diuretics: They are used to eliminate liquids and reduce swelling of
the legs and enema, although not always in an advisable way.
There are many other medicines prescribe by San Diego vein doctor
that can be used. In certain cases, the treatment of varicose veins
depending on the existence, and processes that coincide in the same