Diagnosis and management of varicose veins in lower limbs

Diagnosis and management of varicose veins in lower limbs
The presence of varicose veins in lower limbs is a common problem. It is estimated
that it affects one-third of the population of the world.Although some people are
asymptomatic, others may feel pain, heaviness or itching, symptoms that can affect
the quality of life.Approximately 10% of patients have changes in skin pigmentation
or eczema. 3% may suffer ulcerations. There are currently variations in the United
Kingdom who should be the treating by doctor for varicose veins treatment San
Clear guidelines are required that indicates which patients should be referred to
vascular vein clinics San Diego and which are the most convenient treatments at a
cost-benefit level.In addition to being unsightly, varicose veins are often accompanied
by pain and cause a feeling of tiredness in the legs. However, in many cases the pain
does not appear even if the veins are very large.
You may feel itching on the lower leg and ankle, especially when the leg is hot after
wearing stockings or socks. This pruritus can lead to scratching and the appearance of
redness or rashes that are often mistakenly attributed to dry skin. Sometimes, the pain
is worse when varicose veins are forming than when they are fully dilated.
• Immediately refer patients with bleeding varices.
• Refer the patient if they have any of the following symptoms:
- Primary or recurrent varicose veins that are symptomatic or that are associated with
changes in the skin (pigmentation or eczema) which can be caused by chronic venous
- Superficial venous thrombosis (characterized by the appearance of hard and painful
veins) and suspicion of venous incompetence.
- Venous ulcer in the leg (a wound in the skin of the leg below the knee that does not
heal within two weeks) or a cured venous ulcer.
Care and treatment in the vascular service:
Perform venous Doppler to confirm the diagnosis and extension of reflux and to plan
treatment in people with primary or recurrent varices. Vein Treatment Center San
Diego is best way to deal with this type of issues
Treatment for people with diagnosed varies or reflux:
• Offer endothermic ablation via laser or radiofrequency
• If endothermic ablation is contraindicated, suggest sclerotherapy.
• If sclera therapy is contraindicated, offer core surgery at San Diego vein clinic.
• If it is necessary to perform treatment of tributary veins, consider doing it at the
same time as the trunk surgery.
• If a compressive bandage is offered after treatment, do not use it for more than 7
• Do not only indicate compressive treatment, only in case the intervention is not
The expert will advise on the most appropriate techniques in each case, and the
advantages and disadvantages of them, as well as their possible complications.
It is a more modern technique in which only the affected paths are eliminated, by
means of minimal incisions. This technique has several advantages over traditional
surgery since it is performed under local anesthesia and does not require the hospital
stay. The recovery is therefore almost immediate and the aesthetic result is better.