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With the population of the United States consisting of more and more older adults, it’s important for them
as well as their family members to think of what the future may hold regarding long-term care. However,
many people put off this topic until the last minute, and that can lead to unfortunate results. In many
cases, the elderly individual’s wishes may not be carried out to their satisfaction, and they may not have
the financial arrangements in place that allow them to have the proper care they require later in life. To
keep these situations from happening, many families now seek out the services of attorneys who
specialize in elder law. If you or a family member are in need of these services, contacting a New York
City elder law attorney may be necessary.
Reasons to Hire an Elder Law Attorney
To ensure all goes well later in life, there are several important reasons to retain the services of an elder
law attorney. For example, if you are concerned about your current long-term care plan, or have yet to
construct a plan, an elder law attorney can advise you on the various options. In addition to this, an
attorney can also help lay out a plan to make sure your wishes are carried out if you become disabled or
incapacitated later on, and helps you decide who will be in charge of your care if you are unable to care
for yourself.
Long-Term Care Costs
Along with putting off planning ahead for long-term care, many people have little if any idea how much
long-term care can cost. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive. For example, living in a nursing home
in New York can cost as much as $14,000 per month, while assisted-living facilities can cost up to $5,000
per month. If a person has not planned ahead for these costs, they will need to be paid out of a person’s
savings, which for many families is simply not possible. Because of these potential scenarios, it’s
imperative to work with a New York City elder law attorney to have a solid financial plan in place well
ahead of these circumstances.
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