WHY CHOOSE US? - O`Hara Law Firm

OUR EXPERIENCE … Gets the job done
Many, many years of insurance defense experience — founded in 1995
and with more than 100 years of cumulative attorney experience.
A team of capable attorneys including an AV-rated attorney, an attorney licensed in both Georgia
and Florida, and attorneys well-versed in appellate work.
A long-term track record of handling thousands of claims from origination through settlement
negotiations, litigation, and up through trial and appeal, as needed.
Equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to go to trial on behalf of our clients.
Invited to join the prestigious Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) in 2013.
OUR SIZE…Matches your needs
Large enough to provide the knowledge, resources, and experience
needed to effectively manage large volumes of cases.
Small enough to be flexible and attentive to the evolving needs and
expectations of our clients.
Capable of working with clients on their terms — accommodating scheduling preferences, adhering to preferred reporting formats and schedules, utilizing preferred
communication methods, etc.
OUR TECHNOLOGY … Helps keep costs under control
Significant investments in technology, communications, and information management systems
enable us to work our cases smarter and with quicker turnaround times, less dependence on outside
vendors, and lower overall costs to our clients.
A “paperless” office platform allows us to sidestep many of the inefficiencies
and risks associated with managing volumes of paper records.
Sophisticated case management and billing systems allow us to accommodate
alternate billing options such as flat rate or flexible fee arrangements.
Telephone 904-346-3166
Facsimile: 904-346-5445